First off, it looks like Rafe got in a little bit of trouble for posting a tweet of him on location in Prague (which has since been deleted, but can be viewed here). This explains why we didn’t get a #WoTWednesday post last week.



This week, Rafe asked us all to name our top five Forsaken and why!



As a reminder, which I’m sure you don’t need, here are a list of all of the Forsaken (and there’s a handy link to the character biographies of each, found in our Library!):


  • Ishamael / Moridin, the most powerful of the Forsaken, later becoming Nae’blis.
  • Aginor / Osan’gar, creator of Shadowspawn, reborn as Osan’gar after he draws in too much of the One Power.
  • Balthamel / Aran’gar, the first of the Forsaken to die, who then becomes very effective at hindering Egwene’s plans as Aran’gar.
  • Sammael, who hides in the Council of Nine in Illian, eventually being killed by Mashadar in Shadar Logoth.
  • Rahvin, who masquerades as Lord Gaebril, in an attempt to take over Andor.
  • Be’lal, who… ummm… well, he didn’t do too much, did he? His main purpose was showing that Moiraine does not mess around. You served the Shadow well.
  • Demandred, the mysterious man who doesn’t make a real appearance until A Memory of Light, but it was oh so worth the wait.
  • Asmodean, the poet, who just wanted to write his music.
  • Lanfear / Cyndane, the most powerful female Forsaken, taken out by Moiraine, later brought back much less effective.
  • Graendal, the Forsaken who is all about indulgence while also being one of the deadliest ladies out there.
  • Semirhage, who played the long game in Seanchan before eventually being broken by Cadsuane.
  • Mesaana, who decided to play the long game in Tar Valon, but her mind was eventually broken by Egwene.
  • Moghedien, everyone’s favorite spider in the World of Dreams and Nynaeve’s nemesis.



So, who’s your favorite and why?



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2 Replies to “#WoTWednesday: Top Five Forsaken?”

  1. #1: Moridin, the philosopher of hopelessness.

    #2: Lanfear, who came so close, yet failed hardest of them all.

    #3: Demandred, for any Taim by another name still smells sweet.

    #4: Asmodean, who could have been so, so much more.

    #5: Semirhage, for helping push Rand into the right headspace.

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