We’ve read the journeys of those who left the Two Rivers following the fateful Trolloc attack on Winternight—but what about those who stayed behind? Here’s one imagining of what life might have been like in Emond’s Field.


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10 Nesan 998 NE


The strangest things have begun to happen here. There is something going on to the west and people are fleeing their homes and coming into ours. It seems the world is changing, so we have accepted them into our small village, however strange they all seem to be to us. They bring rumors that Rand al’Thor is the Dragon Reborn, but I’m not sure I’m ready to believe that. How could he be? The Dragon from the stories did terrible things. Rand is such a nice young man. How could he be someone bad?



3 Jumara 999 NE


Strangers continue to pour into Emond’s Field, and we have gotten used to it. Many of them have skills that no one here has, so we can have artisans right in Emond’s Field instead of trading with the outside world. We haven’t seen a peddler here since Padan Fain disappeared after the disruption at Bel Tine so many months ago. It seems like a long time ago and yesterday at the same time.


With the strangers, we have also started to get Whitecloaks coming into the area. They may call themselves the Children of the Light, but they scare me all the same. It’s like they came here with ill intentions clothed in the guise of something good.



20 Jumara 999 NE


We discovered today that the Aybaras are all dead. With Perrin out with Rand and Mat, he was spared, but I am afraid of what he will find when he comes home again. We buried the whole family under a shady tree on their farm. I can only hope they will find peace. I do not know what happened for them to have been killed like this, especially the young ones, but all that is left for us is to grieve and move on.


On a different note, some Aes Sedai have come to our small village. It hasn’t even been a year since the first one came! They say they want to test the girls and young women to see if we can become Aes Sedai. I am not sure if I want to be one or not, and I am afraid of what they will tell me.



9 Amadaine 999 NE


Perrin has come back to the Two Rivers, just as I feared he would. Rand and Mat aren’t with him. He says they’re in Tear, but he did bring some people with him who are much more interesting. He has a woman from Saldaea named Faile, an Ogier named Loial, and three Aiel. We have decided not to tell them about the Aes Sedai just yet. Alanna Sedai says she doesn’t want Perrin to know because he has other things to think about. I think great changes are coming to our small corner of the world, and I am not sure if I should be scared or excited.


Maybe a little bit of both.



Tune in next Friday for the third instalment!

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