This November, our social media accounts have been featuring one of TarValon.Net’s companies of Warders—San d’ma Shadar (SDS), or the Slayers of the Shadow. If you’d like to know more, check out some of these resources in TarValon.Net’s library!



San d’ma Shadar at TarValon.Net


The San d’ma Shadar Company Headquarters will help you navigate through various other pages about the Company. Here you can find the SDS Creed; links to the Who’s Who of San d’ma Shadar Gaidin, Aspirants, Aes Sedai, and Drinking Buddies; and more!


For some entertainment, check out this collection of stories written about SDS. The rules stipulated that all stories had to include “Tequila, blow-up dolls, fair maidens, nuclear explosions, party hats, tubes, picnic tables, chicken, bragging, shameless flirting, magnificent tracks of land, calvary, rainbows, honey, The Second Amendment, PETA, Coca-Cola, Frat Boys & Corsets”—and still be PG-13.


And if you’re looking for a new drink to try, check out this list of SDS Drinks!




San d’ma Shadar in The Wheel of Time


Although all of TarValon.Net’s Warder companies are original creations of our community, an unspecified group that Mat remembers in A Memory of Light is named after the San d’ma Shadar. Check it out here!


The Gaidin of San d’ma Shadar think that Birgitte, Mat, Juilin, Uno, Lan, Olver, Elyas, Rhuarc, Talmanes, and Nalesean are good examples of Wheel of Time characters who would fit right into SDS. Check out their character summaries!

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