TarValon.Net’s December 2020 Recap



Well, we did it team, we’ve finally arrived at the end of the longest century of the longest day of the longest month of our lives. 2020 has been so timey-wimey that it feels like it was only March yesterday, and yet somehow it is New Year’s at the end of the week! Gracious. I am firmly in agreement with our very own Katarianna’s #coronavirustictoklessons that none of this year’s birthdays count toward our aging, which seems very appropriate for a site full of Aes Sedai. I really do think that getting to the end of the year healthy, and relatively happy, is an accomplishment in its own right. You should be proud of yourselves no matter what!







Please join us in welcoming these members to their new positions:




Our newly-retired Mayor, Jahily al’Karee, joined the Tower! Welcome to our newest JM!




The Department of Marketing has an open-ended, flexible invitation to join them on your own terms, for as much or as little time as you want. If you’re interested in writing, graphic design or social media this is the Department for you! Check them out!


Our thoughts are with Team Jordan’s Wilson Grooms as he battles cancer. The family requests privacy at this time and is thankful for the community’s support.


Finally, we’d like to wrap up this summary by wishing our very own Mother, Serinia Edoras, the happiest of birthday months in this magical year where we do not age. We appreciate you, and all the others who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep this place up and running. Go Ohio sports ball!
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Discord Block Party 2020 – That’s a Wrap

Discord Block Party 2020


The first Annual TarValon.Net Block Party ended with a bang last Sunday evening, but has left lasting impressions on all  of us.


Before going into the event I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who attended and enjoyed.  I would also like to thank Mistress of the Watch, Zashara Sho’am, and my fellow Discord Ops who tirelessly worked to make this inaugural Block Party such a great success. None of the fun and memories made would be possible without everyone involved.


The Block Party began on Saturday 5th December, with opening ceremonies led by Zashara and our Ops Team! After a quick introduction everyone quickly began sharing stories of their time at TarValon.Net. The first group led party was brought to us by the White Ajah with their “Bubble Bonanza” followed by “Rum and Chocolate Good Times” with the Yellows. We were then treated to an introduction to the Discord Trivia Bot! Then came Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb‘s party, which was “Pretty Sus”. Games came next with those in attendance enjoying Trivia and the game which is sweeping the globe, Among Us. “Cocktail Hour” with the Red Ajah and “Sing-a-longs” with the Blue Ajah were next on the agenda with the evening wrapping up with an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Melisande Arneil our Director of Events and Conferences. Melisande gave us a bit of insight into what people need to include in their location nominations for our Official Events as well as some fun stories and handy tips for those looking to attend Real Life events in the future.


Day two, Sunday 6th of December started off with an AMA with Ilverin Matriam our new Director of Research and Records. This was quickly followed by “OP-en Chat” and the Val’Cueran “Fireside Happy Hour”. Next up was an exciting insight and interactive “Memoir” with our two newest Game Masters Kenith Sna’aps and Aintza Bisera (who are also both members of the Ops team in Discord). Games were, as always, a part of proceedings followed by “Archaeology Corner” with Dravid ter’Mand of Val’Cueran and The Brown Ajah “Among Us: Murderfest 2020”! For those that made it out alive it was a fun filled end to an exciting weekend.


Luckily for us the fun didn’t stop there with the second weekend just around the corner. Saturday December 12th began with The Brown Ajah‘s open chat, “So You Think You Can Gif?” this was followed by “More Bubbles” with the White Ajah, “A Discussion about Shrubberies” with the Green Ajah and “How to Properly Pie Someone” with the Gray Ajah. Next on the Agenda was the Online Amyrlin Awards presented by former Amyrlin Seat, Rhed al’Tere. Rhed also answered some questions we had always wanted to know, and helped to share some insight her time leading our community as the Amyrlin Seat. As the wheel weaves we moved onto an AMA with our current Amyrlin Seat, Serinia Edoras and our Keeper of the Chronicles, Mieriana Souvra. They answered questions from the floor about everything from how they came to apply for their positions, to their not so secret love of Disney. Following the AMA was a “Free For All Chat Thunder Dome” where everything and everything was talked about including the sharing of some very artistic tattoos. Then it was time for the AMA with the Department of Marketing where Alenya Al’Roran and her team answered questions about what they’re doing behind the scenes to help bring TarValon.Net into the spotlight. To finish out the night Dai M’Hael chatted with the required “Beer, Bacon and Tacos” followed by San d’ma Shadar‘s “Bearly Legal SDS Toast and Story time”.


After a very busy Saturday, the final day of the Discord Block Party for 2020, Sunday 13th December brought us “Story time” with the Citizens and Junior Members. “The Bear Necessities” an SDS Watch Party and AMA as well as a “Pint of Ael” with some D&D Shenanigans. Singin’ the Blue Ajah Blues was next followed by “Meditation with Mediation” and some advice about How to be Zen in the Tower. “Beary Important Games” with Kaldam Luciere and SDS finished the party off with a bang!


The TarValon.Net Discord Block Party would not have been possible without a lot of hard work and long hours behind the scenes and we hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as we did! If you have any feedback about the Discord Block Party please feel free to contact any of the Discord Ops or Zashara Sho’am.


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Makers of Tar Valon – Arella Mathara



From 3D printing to sewing. From pottery to paper crafts. From woodworking to knit and crochet. We have so many talented people here at Tar Valon and we would love to highlight some of our makers over the next few months.



Our first Maker to be highlighted is Accepted Arella Mathara.

Tar Valon Times: When did you begin card making?
Arella Mathara: I started making cards last summer or so.

TVT: What got you interested in this hobby?
Arella: I have never done anything creative except a bit of writing. I never expected to start doing anything like cardmaking. I can’t draw at all, but I realized a creative hobby might be good for me, so after watching a couple of YouTube videos and talking to my partner I bought supplies and went for it.




TVT: What are your favorite supplies?
Arella: My favorite supplies are my teflon bone folder, scissors, stamping platform, and Copic markers. There are other supplies I need for making each card, but those items have to be of good quality and really make a difference. The paper also needs to be of high quality.


Mouse Card


TVT: Do you have one card that was more challenging?
Arella: I often struggle to make things work. This card took a lot of time though, because it has many small details. (This card not only has multiple layers, but also has a center in which some of the elements move freely when shaken.)




TVT: I see you use die cuts for some of the cards. Would you explain the process of making a card with die cuts?
Arella: I use die cutting for all my cards. The process is very simple. I buy a pack of stamps and a matching set of dies. Then I stamp and color the image. The next step is to place the die on the ready image, fasten it with tape and then run it through the die-cutting machine. This is a machine that puts heavy pressure on the dies, which are made of steel, cutting a line around the image. The image is then ready to be placed on the card. I also use independent dies to cut grass borders or to create an interactive card.

TVT: Do you use your cards for personal use only or do you sell them?
Arella: I only give cards to friends and family. Making a card takes anywhere from one to seven hours, so it’s not really something you’d be able to make money from, unless you make YouTube videos.


Check out Arella on Instagram! @kortmania
Stamps highlighted in cards are from Lawn Fawn.

MC Card


Mafia at TarValon.Net



Have you ever wondered about our Mafia community? Have you ever poked your head into that forum just to see what it was about and done a double take at what you saw?


That is totally sus, you’re either vanilla like you say you are or you bussed your teammate. Talk about a WIFOM.”


You might have thought that didn’t really even look like English and wondered what kind of code we were all tossing around in there. It can be a little bit overwhelming at first, but the mafia community at TarValon.Net is intended to be a welcoming place where it’s fun to learn the game and get competitive (but not personal.) 


How it works


Mafia is a game about information. At the beginning of the game each player will receive a private message letting them know which team they’re playing for, the Town (who do not know each other’s identities but usually are the bigger team) or the Mafia (who do know each other’s identities and can talk and strategize behind the scenes, but are usually outnumbered by 2-to-1 or more.)


The goal is for the Town to identify all the Mafia before the Mafia can outnumber or eliminate all the town. Each game is divided into “day” and “night” phases where the teams basically take turns being in control. During the day phases all the players talk, and discuss their suspicions about who might be a member of the Mafia team. At the end of the day there’s a vote and one player is eliminated. Because they have a numerical advantage the Town usually has an advantage during the day phase and Mafia players must try to avoid being caught. During the night phase, Mafia get to eliminate a player of their choice. These phases alternate until either all the Mafia are caught and the Town wins, or until there are not enough Town players left to vote out a Mafia player and the Mafia wins. 


That’s just the most basic pieces, but once you get the hang of the base structure of the game, there are countless twists and turns a game can incorporate to keep things interesting. We play games with themes from movies and books, and games with secret powers, and even games where the mods can change the rules on the fly! 


What’s special about Mafia at TarValon.net:


There are lots of mafia communities on the web, some of them really chill and some cutthroat. Our games can straddle that line, so you will find games that run the gamut from beginner friendly to fiercely competitive. But we’re first and foremost part of the community and the Game Masters on the site (myself, Alexstrasz, Aintza and Kenith) work hard to keep it welcoming and enjoyable for everybody. We are always available to answer questions by PM or in Discord


Personally I’ve had an amazing year getting to know all the players on the mafia forum, it’s one of the special places on the site where ranks don’t matter and everyone mingles together. I got to know people that I might’ve found intimidating or not encountered at all on the rest of the forums. I have made great friends through the people I meet in the mafia boards. We’d love to have you come and play a few games with us!

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Discord Block Party 2020 & Amyrlin Awards

Discord Block Party 2020


A big thank you to all those who stopped by for the first, highly anticipated weekend of the Discord Block Party! If you missed the first weekend, fear not as this weekend has just as many (if not more) exciting activities going on.


This weekend also sees the Online Amyrlin Awards presented by our previous Amyrlin Seat at TarValon.Net, Rhed al’Tere!


In conjunction with the Discord Party this weekend, the Department of Events and Conferences will be hosting the 2020 Online Amyrlin Awards and a Chat with Rhed! Rhed will be able to present her final Amyrlin Awards, as they were put on hold because of Covid-19 and the cancellation of our real-life events. Following her presentation, Rhed and I will chat about her time as Amyrlin.


Following Rhed, Serinia and Mieriana will host an AMA, so get ready with those questions for our current Amyrlin and Keeper!


Look for us in Discord voice on Saturday, December 12 at 4 PM (New York), 3 PM (Dallas), 2 PM (Denver), 1 PM (Los Angeles), 9 PM (London), 10 PM (Brussels), 8 AM Sunday (Melbourne), 10 AM Sunday (Auckland). – Melisande Arneil


The full schedule for the weekend is shown below.

December12 December13

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who put the Discord Block Party together!

If you have any trouble registering for our server, send an email to chat@tarvalon.net and they’ll help you get set up! Our Ops are here to help you so feel free to ask them if you have questions or issues over the weekend (or any other time).

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