Emond’s Field Diary, Part 3



We’ve read the journeys of those who left the Two Rivers following the fateful Trolloc attack on Winternight—but what about those who stayed behind? Here’s one imagining of what life might have been like in Emond’s Field.



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17 Choren 999 NE


It has been quite some time since I wrote anything because I have scarcely had time to eat and sleep. So much has happened I’m not sure where to begin. After Lord Perrin arrived, his Ogier friend sealed something called a Waygate near here. While he was gone, Lord Perrin started getting people from farms that were far away from the village to come closer so they could be better defended. With the Trollocs that attacked after, everyone who came to the village was lucky. The Whitecloaks were driven from the Two Rivers, and the Trollocs were all killed. There were so many and they just kept coming and everyone was so tired. I’m glad the fighting came to an end, because I’m not sure how much longer we could have held out.


I’m not sure when it happened, but the men started to call Perrin the Lord of the Two Rivers, and the name has stuck, and now he’s Lord Perrin. He and the Lady Faile have wed and I am glad he has his own sort of family with her, now. He’s planning to raise an army of good Two Rivers men to go and fight for the Dragon Reborn, who he confirmed was Rand. He also says that Rand is the same person he has always been and we shouldn’t worry.


I hope he is right.



26 Choren 999 NE


Verin Sedai and Alanna Sedai rounded up all of the girls and young women who can become Aes Sedai and started to lead us out of the Two Rivers today. Yes, I can be an Aes Sedai. Now that the decision has been made for me, I feel that I’m actually happy to go. I’m still afraid of the world outside, but I will face it with my head held high, because someday, I will be Aes Sedai, and I cannot show my fear.



2 Nesan 999 NE


We have made it to Baerlon. It is so big and intimidating, and Verin Sedai told us that it is a small town. Small! If this is small, I can’t imagine what the bigger cities will look like.



20 Shaldine 999 NE


Today, we made it to Whitebridge, which is bigger than Baerlon, and even more intimidating. Yet again, Verin Sedai says we still have bigger cities to go. I can’t imagine something bigger.



12 Nesan 999 NE


Now, I have seen one of the largest cities in the world. We have arrived in Caemlyn. Verin Sedai says we had to come here because this is where Rand is, but I’m more excited to get to the Tower so we can train to be Aes Sedai.


Rand came to the inn where we are staying, and he scared us something awful. He really is the Dragon Reborn, and a large part of me hopes I never have to see him again.



13 Nesan 999 NE


Alanna Sedai says that we cannot go to the Tower yet. There seems to have been something that happened there, but if they know what it is, they’re not telling. I guess we’ll just have to keep going.



Tune in on Friday, December 6 for the penultimate instalment!

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Emond’s Field Diary, Part 2


We’ve read the journeys of those who left the Two Rivers following the fateful Trolloc attack on Winternight—but what about those who stayed behind? Here’s one imagining of what life might have been like in Emond’s Field.


Read part 1 here!




10 Nesan 998 NE


The strangest things have begun to happen here. There is something going on to the west and people are fleeing their homes and coming into ours. It seems the world is changing, so we have accepted them into our small village, however strange they all seem to be to us. They bring rumors that Rand al’Thor is the Dragon Reborn, but I’m not sure I’m ready to believe that. How could he be? The Dragon from the stories did terrible things. Rand is such a nice young man. How could he be someone bad?



3 Jumara 999 NE


Strangers continue to pour into Emond’s Field, and we have gotten used to it. Many of them have skills that no one here has, so we can have artisans right in Emond’s Field instead of trading with the outside world. We haven’t seen a peddler here since Padan Fain disappeared after the disruption at Bel Tine so many months ago. It seems like a long time ago and yesterday at the same time.


With the strangers, we have also started to get Whitecloaks coming into the area. They may call themselves the Children of the Light, but they scare me all the same. It’s like they came here with ill intentions clothed in the guise of something good.



20 Jumara 999 NE


We discovered today that the Aybaras are all dead. With Perrin out with Rand and Mat, he was spared, but I am afraid of what he will find when he comes home again. We buried the whole family under a shady tree on their farm. I can only hope they will find peace. I do not know what happened for them to have been killed like this, especially the young ones, but all that is left for us is to grieve and move on.


On a different note, some Aes Sedai have come to our small village. It hasn’t even been a year since the first one came! They say they want to test the girls and young women to see if we can become Aes Sedai. I am not sure if I want to be one or not, and I am afraid of what they will tell me.



9 Amadaine 999 NE


Perrin has come back to the Two Rivers, just as I feared he would. Rand and Mat aren’t with him. He says they’re in Tear, but he did bring some people with him who are much more interesting. He has a woman from Saldaea named Faile, an Ogier named Loial, and three Aiel. We have decided not to tell them about the Aes Sedai just yet. Alanna Sedai says she doesn’t want Perrin to know because he has other things to think about. I think great changes are coming to our small corner of the world, and I am not sure if I should be scared or excited.


Maybe a little bit of both.



Tune in next Friday for the third instalment!

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Emond’s Field Diary, Part 1


We’ve read the journeys of those who left the Two Rivers following the fateful Trolloc attack on Winternight—but what about those who stayed behind? Here’s one imagining of what life might have been like in Emond’s Field.



Winternight, 998 NE


I have lived in the Two Rivers all my life and never thought to write a journal, but today is a special day. The Women’s Circle has decided that I can finally braid my hair. This means that I am a woman grown and am eligible to take a husband. With this sort of a milestone in my life, I think it’s time to start writing a bit about what’s going on in my day.


Bel Tine starts tomorrow, and I can’t wait! For now, I will content myself by helping with the preparations.



Bel Tine, 998 NE


Bel Tine is ruined! This was supposed to be a happy day of celebration, but it was just awful.


I’ll start where I left off yesterday. While I was working to get things ready, some strangers arrived in the village. First, there was a gleeman! He is a real gleeman with patches on his cloak and he told wonderful stories, and sang songs, and juggled, too! There was also a strange woman and man. She seems to be in charge between the two, but they’re both very mysterious, and I’m not sure why they would come to Emond’s Field for Bel Tine. The last was the peddler, Padan Fain. We were all so happy that he made it to town because we were sure he was going to be late or even miss it, and we need the supplies that he carries on his wagon.


It was after we went to bed that things seem to have started going horribly wrong. Trollocs attacked in the night. Trollocs! In the Two Rivers! It’s unheard of, but they still came and they destroyed a few houses. The mysterious woman turned out to be an Aes Sedai, and she used her magic to defend us. When morning came, Rand al’Thor came out of the woods dragging his father behind him because they were attacked, too. The Village Council blame the Aes Sedai for the Trolloc attack, but I am not sure that’s the truth. Whatever and whomever she is, she took Rand, Perrin Aybara, Mat Cauthon, and Egwene al’Vere and left to go north. Part of me wishes I could go with them to see more of the world, but the other part of me is glad I get to stay here. The outside world seems so big compared to our safe village that I don’t think I want to go anywhere.


I must go help with the cleanup. The departure of a few will not stop life from going on here in Emond’s Field.



6th day of Aine, 998 NE


Nynaeve al’Meara has disappeared—the Wisdom, of all people, when our town has been attacked and we have sick and wounded. I know the Aes Sedai healed those she could, but Tam al’Thor still hasn’t fully recovered, and now we are without our Wisdom. Mavra Mallen is coming from Deven Ride for a few days, but how long will she be able to stay when she has her own village to look after? The Women’s Circle is already whispering about what they should do if they have to choose a new Wisdom. I think it would be hard since the Old Wisdom before Nynaeve is long gone, and Nynaeve was teaching Egwene, who is also gone. It feels like our small village has paid a high price these last days and we don’t even know what we paid for. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.



Tune in next Friday for the second installment!

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Has the Dragon Actually Returned?!

Learn all the latest news from our on-the-ground reporters!


After months of speculation and whispers of strange happenings, a man claiming to be the Dragon Reborn has invaded the Stone of Tear. This paper has already reported on towns that have disclosed strange happenings like a day full of weddings, a lightning strike in a hotel, and more. There have even been rumors of Halfmen walking around.


Since the Stone fell, there have been strange happenings here in the city. On the other hand, life has gone on as normal. The fishermen are still fishing and the hawkers are still hawking their wares. The shopkeepers are still selling and the Wise Women are still healing the sick and injured.


The best thing about this so-called Dragon is that he has decreed that commoners can call nobles before a magistrate, and has finally allowed those of us who are not part of the Tairen noble houses a fair shake in this city. Maybe we will be lucky enough that he will bring even more change. There is a rumor that he has decided to send excess grain from Tear to Cairhien to help feed the people. This reporter, as a loyal Tairen, cannot condone this; but, as a human being, I have to say it is a good idea since those people might starve without it.


If this man, whoever he is, can make life better for those of us who live on the muddy streets of Tear outside the walls that the nobles built to keep us out, then I say: he is welcome to our city.

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