TarValon.Net’s March 2021 Recap



It’s never a dull moment at TarValon.Net!




March was a very busy month, we saw lots of people giving back to TarValon.Net by taking up positions and there were many exciting happenings in the TarValon.Net Community Outreach Project, The Great Charity Hunt!




Congratulations to the following members, thank you for your service!




There was even a raising this month!





There were many positions and opportunities to get involved at TarValon.Net this month.

  • Forum Moderators and Discord Operators – Applications closed March 25th.
    If you missed out this time, don’t worry! Applications open for these positions every six months.
  • Master or Mistress of Accepted & Soldiers – Applications closed March 25th.
  • Marketing Project Manager – Applications closed March 22nd.
  • Graphics Development Team – Applications closed March 28th.
    Applications are ALWAYS OPEN for the Graphics Development Team, Social Marketing Team and Tar Valon Times Staff. If you are interested in being involved in any of these teams please contact marketing@tarvalon.net.
  • Headteacher – Applications close April 2nd.
    If you’re interested in applying it’s definitely worth it! The Headteacher is now an 18 month rotating position.
  • Tar Valon Times Editor – Applications close April 1st.
    This is one of the most rewarding positions this writer has ever held, cannot recommend enough!


Keep an eye out for April when we will have a brand new Editor at the helm and the Val’Cueran Tar Valon Times Takeover!

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Great Charity Hunt – March Update



The Great Charity Hunt was launched back in November 2020 by Erin al’Denael, the Director of Community Outreach. This month the very first Heroes of the Horn Challenge was launched. Lilli O’Neeus, the Servant of All Coordinator put to us all, a challenge. Lilli even hosted a See and Sew for those participating in the challenge!


The March challenge is to use your crafting skills to create as many cage liners/cuddle pads as possible for your local animal shelter before March 31, 2021.


So far The Great Charity Hunt has seen a multitude of efforts by members of our community.


  • Arella MatharaJocasta Braithe, and Erin al’Denael as part of the “Of All and None” Group have made donations to causes important to them.
  • Zashara Sho’am of the Brown Ajah donated $600 to a food bank.
  • Sonea Ilandred of the Blue Ajah adopted a puppy from a kill shelter in Romania.
  • Imzadi Hopewind of the Gray Ajah donates the equivalent of $70 every month to support an animal shelter, deaf children in Kenya, and the SOS Children Village in Nepal.
  • Ninya EvoneighMelisande Arneil, and Tree of the Green Ajah all made donations to worthy causes.
  • Roheryn ni Galghandhrei t’al’Djinn spends Wednesdays volunteering at a soup kitchen. The kitchen feeds 65-80 meals during that time.
  • Jocasta Braithe donates $10 from every paycheck to the Ronald McDonald House.
  • Arella Mathara ran a Facebook fundraiser in honor of her birthday for Stine Sofie’s Foundation. They work hard to support children, from child abuse to child advocacy and support. Her efforts raised approximately $425.
  • Mieriana Souvra donated to the Animal Welfare Institute, ASPCA, Feeding America and Toys for Tots!
  • Cataia Sylvianya donated $10 to the Canadian Dry February Fundraiser.
  • Kyla Sterling donated $230 to the NAACP and $375 to the Trans Women of Color Collective.
  • Vivianna L’antreau donated $150 in December for a variety of things, including a donation to a cash bail fund, purchasing goods to help with Alora’s NICU bags, and ordering items from the VA wishlist in support of Mellaine’s father. She also supported people through GoFundMe in November ($50) and January ($100), and donated $25 to support another friend via a Facebook fundraiser in November.
  • The Val’Cueran Company adopted a wolf! They donated $250 to adopt a wolf at the Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center.
  • The Green Ajah has also been running a fundraiser for Covenant House and have raised $760 so far!


Let’s give a big round of applause to all these members. The difference you make in everything you do is priceless. If you have something to share as part of The Great Charity Hunt don’t forget to fill out The Great Charity Hunt Tracking Form and help your groups’ cause!


Keep an eye out in the coming months for more exciting news from The Great Charity Hunt and the April Challenge!

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WoTonPrime – Moiraine Damodred Q&A with Rafe Judkins



“Do not underestimate the women in this tower.”


Another exciting day in the world of @WoTonPrime! With the release of a snippet and another small clip from the much anticipated Wheel of Time Series on Amazon Prime. The Wheel of Time was written with a dedication to the female voice and the depiction of strong women who are flawed, complex and powerful in their own ways.


Today we saw a glimpse of Rosamund Pike, our Moiraine Damodred as she “embraces the source of the One Power”.




In her own words…




And that wasn’t all, as usual Rafe Judkins the Wheel of Time showrunner graced fans with another of his infamous Instagram Q&As! Your Editor attempted to have Rafe answer some of her questions, alas they remain unanswered (along with countless others!).



How do you image Aes Sedai move from the descriptions in the books?



Ah, the kesiera! Will it be as we have each imagined it after reading the series, or will it like much of bringing a book series to the screen delight and disappoint people all at the same time?



Rafe Judkins, a Darkfriend? Never! I can’t wait for that scene either… entrances can’t be overrated.



Important and the answer, of course!



This just goes to show the time and thought that’s going into these snippets that we’re seeing and the teasers which are only heightening anticipation of the inevitable trailer release!



For that, we the fans, say thank you!



For “all” Aes Sedai? What does that mean Rafe?



But who is Moiraine? Priyanka Bose (Alanna Mosvani), popping by to ask the important questions.



And of course, Joshua Stradowski (Rand al’Thor)…



True to his word, 10 questions in total! One of my favourite questions to ask, about food!


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Evening with the Editor – The Amyrlin Seat

Evening with the Editor Amyrlin Seat


Welcome to the first part in a new series called Evening with the Editor. My first willing “victim” was Serinia Edoras, our current Amyrlin Seat and CEO of TarValon.Net. Since taking up the post in March 2020, Serinia would be the first to tell you that she has learnt a great deal. Being the Amyrlin Seat is a very rewarding position, but it is no walk in the park!

Serinia Edoras, the Amyrlin Seat


Serinia Edoras is only the fourth member to serve as Amyrlin Seat in TarValon.Net’s almost 20 year history. So what would make someone actually want to put themselves forward for the position of Amyrlin Seat? Well, Serinia’s first thought was, “No”! Knowing how much work went into being the Amyrlin Seat, she knew she didn’t have the time. Between her work life, J*Con, Pokémon Go and all her other hobbies, she barely had enough time to sit down at the end of the day. But as we all know that was not the end of the story. After giving a lot of thought to the work which was required of the Amyrlin Seat/CEO, Serinia realised that she was qualified for the position and wouldn’t forgive herself for not applying. And so she did. Applying for and accepting the position of Amyrlin Seat/CEO required Serinia to cut other “fun” aspects from her plate so that she could give the position and the members of TarValon.Net the time and attention that they deserved.

Being the Amyrlin Seat is “a lot of stress” and it has “been hard” but Serinia is looking forward to the fun parts of the role. Along with Tower business, the role of the Amyrlin Seat also includes all CEO duties for a 501(c)(7) Corporation. Involvement in our Official Events (which have sadly been postponed for 2021) and promoting the community are the fun parts which Serinia is most looking forward to. Along with her day-to-day responsibilities, Serinia hopes to impact the foundation of our community and set us up for the future. With the state of the world with Covid-19, this past year has certainly been like no other in the Towers’ history.

As with any position there are always challenges so I wanted to ask what the biggest challenge was that Serinia had faced thus far. Serinia had a vision and a strong desire to make things the best that they could be. She wanted to try and take a global- and diversity-focused direction with the community. It was important and challenging for Serinia to recognise the differences between how she conducted herself in her professional life and her TarValon.Net role. Decisions and “fixes” which she brought forth needed to be presented in an entirely different way because of the investment that all of our members have in our community. This is part of where her biggest struggle has been- sometimes the need for privacy prevents her from being able to give full context for decisions. Serinia has made a conscious effort to face this struggle head on and hopes to be able to continue balancing the confidences of her role and her service to the community moving forward. It’s not all doom and gloom in the office of the Amyrlin Seat, and Serinia’s hands down favourite part of the role is the team that she gets to work with. “Getting the opportunity to know and work with members from all across the board is the best part”!

Hindsight is 20/20 so what would Serinia tell her pre-appointment self given what she knows now? Firstly on a personal note, to be prepared for the negative feelings and personal reactions which she would receive. Secondly, the difference between leading in a professional environment vs a personal environment (which our community certainly is).

Very few members will ever intimately know the responsibilities and day-to-day of being Amyrlin Seat of our community. Serinia would love for the community to know that she always approaches decisions and interactions with positive intent. That does not mean that she is infallible, none of us are. But it does mean that no decision, no matter how contrary, is ever made with malicious intent. It is also important to remember that she “cannot always affect immediate change”. Every idea which is brought to her is treated seriously and she feels it’s important to take the time to process it fully before providing a response.

As someone who knows only what can be found in the library about being the Amyrlin Seat I was curious as to what took up most of her “work day” as Amyrlin Seat. Serinia’s sad response was that it was mostly dealing with “community conflicts”, which is “not how [she] would like it to be”. However, she does think that although community conflicts have taken priority in the past year it really does feel like “we’re turning a corner and focusing on building for the future”. The parts of the role which she enjoys much more and would like to put more time into are team building and collaboration within the Administration with an emphasis on nurturing cross-Departmental relationships. One of the first changes which Serinia made when coming on board as Amyrlin was to increase the channels for communication between the Departments so that they could support each other in a more cohesive way.

Given all the time she dedicates to working behind the scenes you may not see a lot of our Amyrlin Seat. You may catch a glimpse of her in the Pokémon Go thread (no surprise there) or the Brandon Sanderson Book Forum. She can also be found in the Servant of All forum where she is currently leading our Junior Members in their philanthropic work for “The needs of displaced people” as part of The Great Charity Hunt.

One of Serinia’s hopes for the future is potential sponsorship to help grow the community as well as providing additional budget towards our future growth and outreach. This is part of her vision for where she would like to see TarValon.Net in 5 years. With a place as the Premier Community in the Wheel of Time Community with an increase in membership, events and philanthropic work.

Serinia Edoras, the Member


When Serinia is not working busily behind the scenes for TarValon.Net she enjoys playing Pokémon Go, cheering for her favourite sports teams (especially Ohio State and the Cincinnati Reds), and leading the Women in STEM Organisation at her company.. Even a very short conversation with Serinia will show you her passion for the involvement of women in STEM. Her accomplishment which she is most proud of was the one that has taken the most effort and that was her Engineering Degree. Serinia now works as an Industrial & Systems Engineer. Just check out her thread in The Apartments if you’d like to know more!

One of Serinia’s greatest admirations is her Grandmother (her father’s mother). Serinia describes her as optimistic, with never a bad word to say about anyone. She was fearlessly herself everyday. Which is definitely something to aspire to. We all wish that we had more hours in the day. And Serinia is no exception, when asked what skill she would like to learn overnight her answer was simple, to learn to play the piano. While she doesn’t think that she’s ever going to get to the level she would like, this reporter hopes that one day she’ll have the time to realise that dream.

All of our Senior Members chose their homes here at TarValon.Net for different reasons, Serinia was raised from the Blue Ajah, but would she have been in the Blue Ajah in The Wheel of Time series? Her answer, a resounding yes! Serinia “chose” the Blue Ajah because she believes that you should choose your place based on who you are, not the community group. Although she has a great love and respect for her Ajah mates. Serinia is highly dedicated to her causes and will never hesitate to put the goal before herself.

Asking about dream jobs might be cliché but when asked about one thing that she would be happy to do everyday for the rest of her life, her answer was very quick. Event planning! It’s safe to say when our Official Events kick off again (safely), Serinia will be first in line! Since we were on a roll with the cliché questions, I asked Serinia “If you could choose one other TarValon.Net member to be stuck in the Aiel Waste with, who would it be? Not including a significant other, bondmate or her Keeper (Mieriana Souvra).” After being partnered with Valorian Edoras for 10 years she knew that he would be a great choice if she found herself stuck in the Aiel Waste.

It was much to this interviewer’s shock that one of the questions revealed that Serinia does not drink coffee. Serinia was asked, “what I should order for her if we meet up for coffee” and her answer was, “a hot chocolate”. Personal feelings about the joy of coffee aside, a good hot chocolate can really hit the spot (if no coffee is available). As we were clearly reaching the silly part of our interview I decided to ask Serinia- if she were doing her shopping and she saw something that made her laugh uncontrollably, what did she see? Her response was “something to do with a duck”. There should definitely have been follow up questions there.

The final humorous question posed was a scenario – if you were asked to unload an airplane filled with loose jelly beans, what would be your first step? In true engineering fashion her answer was to “ask a lot of questions”, such as “do the jelly beans need to be consumed afterwards? And where in the plane are they?”. This interviewer was not ready for these questions.

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed learning a bit more about Serinia and I thank her for taking the time to sit down with me to give us all a glimpse at the person behind the title. If you would like to see anymore Evenings with the Editor or have any further questions I invite you to send them through to editor@tarvalon.net.

Keep an eye out next month for the next part in this series where we learn a little bit more about Mieriana Souvra, our resident COO and Keeper of the Chronicles and find out what to order her if you’re meeting her for coffee.


The Sa’lebration!



A Sa’lebration (a term coined by Mieriana Souvra) in honor of Sa’areah Britthorn, outgoing Director of Membership, is taking part in the Faire Grounds from February 3rd – 11th. Sa’areah Britthorn has dedicated over 8 years to caring for and guiding the members of our community through ups and downs. Sa’areah received the Amyrlin’s Volunteer of the Year Award in 2012 and the Keeper’s Award for Extraordinary Service in 2015.




Sa’areah Britthorn has been a member of TarValon.Net since 2006, and was raised to the Yellow Ajah in 2008. In addition to her 8+ years as Director of Membership, Sa’areah has also served as Head of the Yellow Ajah, two terms as Heart of the Yellow Ajah, and two as Sitter for her Ajah in the Hall of the Tower. Sa’areah has also served as a Library Editor, Article Editor, Research Committee Member, Junior Archivist, Integration Focus Group Member and Mistress of the Gleeman’s Guild. Sa’areah has also served her Ajah in the unofficially official roles of THE Tea Brewer and Sunshine. With 10 Gold Merits and 5 Silver Merits, Sa’areah’s contribution to our community cannot be understated.


In the words of our Amyrlin Seat, Serinia Edoras.

Sa’ is an institution and I am so grateful for her dedication. She has given so much of her time and energy and support to our community and impacted all of us. We’ll never be able to repay her, but I hope this Sa’lebration is a fun salute to not just what she’s done, but the wonderful person she is!


We invite you all to celebrate and give thanks to Sa’areah and wish her the best in her next chapter. Have your fortune told by The Oracles of Sa’elphi, raise a glass in a Toast for the Sa’lebration. Being Director of Membership comes with a lot of responsibilities, but what would you do If you were Director of Membership? Share in some fun Quiz’Areah‘s as well!


After many years of service, Sa’areah is due for a nice long vacation. Where do you think Sa’areah should go to enjoy her Vacation? Why not have some fun and Dress Up for the Sa’lebration! Take some fun Sa’vatar Selfies or try your hand at drawing some. And, don’t forget about the GIFS *ahem*!


There are also some beautiful badges for our members to wear for the Sa’lebrations.

Thank You Sa Badge  Join the Sa'lebrations

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