TVTT Blue Ajah Edition – Blue Ajah Recap


The Blue Ajah

Highlight for September 2019

September 2019 was Blue Ajah month! We shared everything Blue – from Moiraine and Suian to our very own TarValon.Net Blue Aes Sedai, who might be plotting something!

This is how our Blues explain their group’s dynamic!

But do they also like to plot you ask? Well, here is the answer:

Of course we had Wheel of Time trivia, where we asked you :

There was a total of eleven Amyrlin Seats raised from the Blue! And one of those Amyrlins has a very particular way of talking, so we decided to share a great quote by Suian Sanche:


At TarValon.Net, we have many currently active Blue Aes Sedai. There was one quote, which gathered a lot of comments from our Blues and from people, who wanted to know more about them.

This is how TV.Net Blues are dedicated to justice:

TarValon.Net is a big community, many people come and stay, but sadly, there are some members, who we have lost during the long time this community has existed.

During the Blue Ajah month, we remember Padra Sedai, who fought and lost the battle with cancer in 2010.

We also couldn’t miss sharing our amazing Blue Ajah Shawls!


Amazing fan art was shared of:

  • Moiraine Damodred, also, read an interesting article on Moiraine from our blog,
  • Siuan Sanche,
  • Gitara Moroso having the Foretelling,
  • and Deane Aryman was the center of an interesting blog post, which you can read here.

* The backgrounds to some of the images are the Blue Ajah at TarValon.Net’s official logo, which is property of TarValon.Net.

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TarValon.Net Wheel of Time Re-read – Book 2

The Great Hunt ReRead

TarValon.Net Wheel of Time Re-read continues with Book 2 – The Great Hunt!


“And it shall come to pass…”

… that the fans of the Wheel of Time would have finished reading “The Eye of the World”, and then shall continue on to reading “The Great Hunt”!

With the Wheel of Time TV show coming really soon, it is now the perfect time to brush up on our Wheel of Time knowledge, to turn the Wheel and do yet another re-read of the books!

TarValon.Net is hosting a Wheel of Time re-read. The re-read of The Eye of the World is at the finishing line (planned to end on Friday June 25th, 2021). The thread where we have discussed points about characters, plots and foreshadowing, can be found on the forums.

Each month we are also posting a summary of the discussion and the re-read on our blog. You can check out the summary after the month of May in the blog post here.

Beware that both blog post and forum thread discussions CONTAIN SPOILERS for the entire series!

With The Eye of the World (almost) done, we are ready to start on book 2! The start date for reading “The Great Hunt” is June 28th, 2021 (Monday). The re-read of the second book is planned to last for a total of 8 weeks and we will be happy to have you come on the forums and discuss your views and whatever else you wish with us!

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TVTT White Ajah Edition – White Ajah Highlight

White Ajah Highlight

Highlight for August 2019 – The White Ajah​


During August of 2019, the White Ajah at TarValon.Net, and also the White Ajah from the books, were the highlight of the month. We shared many White Ajah quotes and also pictures of White Shawls!


The month included quotes from White Sisters at TarValon.Net. Elanda Sedai explained why she chose the White Ajah:


Elanda Quote



And Adanys Sedai shared how she felt within the White Halls:


Adanys Quote


And we also asked you if you know how is the Head of the White Ajah called:


White Ajah Head


All of you answered perfectly well that it’s called the First Reasoner!


But it was also interesting to find out:


White Ajah Amyrlins


And unsurprisingly, many people answered correctly! Four White Sisters had been raised to the Amyrlin Seat.


We know you had been waiting for these, so here they are – Magnificent White Shawls:


White Shawls


The quotes from book Whites we shared got attention from you all. It seems you all agree to some extent with them :



There is a lot of information on the White Ajah in our Library, you can check that out here.

And you can also visit our own TV.Net White Ajah in their Headquarters.


* In the backgrounds of some of the quotes, you will see the official TarValon.Net White Ajah logo. It is property of TarValon.Net

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Member Spotlight – Siera al’Cere

The Member we would like to spotlight this time is TarValon.Net’s very own Graphic Goddess! That’s right, Siera al’Cere has been serving in several different graphic-related capacities throughout her membership and she has proved herself as an amazing designer!


In her everyday job, Siera is indeed a Graphic Designer for Home Hardware in Canada. This has been a dream job for her for a long time. However back in the day, she used to want to become a veterinarian! Siera loves animals and has two dogs (Allie and Finn) and two cats (Harley and Jax).


woman and two dogs in a selfie a dog with a hat on

a dog on the left and two cats on the right three dogs lying on a patio

In her spare time, Siera likes to write for fun and play video games. In the summer she is scuba diving, and in the winter she watches hockey games. She has a nephew and a niece, who she loves; and because they live nearby, she gets to play with them often.


Siera began reading The Wheel of Time at 14 after a friend’s recommendation, and later both of them joined TarValon.Net together. During her Novice days, Siera says she spent some time spamming with her fellow Junior Members and making friends.


After getting raised to Accepted and Guesting with the Gray Ajah, she knew that it felt like home and stuck around! Coming up at her 10th anniversary as a Gray Ajah Aes Sedai, Siera has served as a Head and Sitter and in multiple Heart terms, earning her the Group Pride merit.


Siera has also served in many other positions. She is the current Outreach Activities Coordinator, a position she hesitated applying for, but in her words, “I LOVE planning events, and I’ve had a lot of fun in the events in the past.”


“I do really enjoy it,” she says. “I love seeing the themes that people come up with, and having little mini-events for people to celebrate to bring a little joy in the in-between months.” The Outreach Activities Team has already started preparing for Shaoman in the Fall, so stay tuned for more details on that!


Apart from planning events, Siera is also managing the graphics for the Department of Marketing as Marketing Project Manager, a position she held in the past, but says has changed a lot through the years. Even though she served in the position for about five years last time, her passion for Marketing led her to apply for the position again when it opened up. In her words, “It’s a bit of what I do at work, plus more and I love every second of it”


We are really glad and grateful to have Siera as part of TarValon.Net, and wish to thank her for all the amazing work she is doing for the community!

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Member Spotlight – Miliham Rastoubel

A few months ago, we featured the previous Company Commander of the San d’ma Shadar Company. This month we would like you to get to know a little bit about the current one. Indeed Miliham Rastoubel is one of the member spotlights for the month of May.

Miliham is a long standing member with the community. He joined back in 2006, making this year his fifteenth year of membership! He has served multiple Hall terms, sitting as Warder Councilor for San d’ma Shadar; and he is currently a member of the Department of Marketing as one of the people developing a TarValon.Net based trading card game!

In real life, Miliham is a Firecontrolman Aegis First Class in the United States Navy, while also attending university for his Bachelors in Game Design. He is married, and the couple has two children and two cats.

Miliham says that he is “a major gamer” and we can absolutely agree to this, based on his future Bachelors degree and his contribution to the card game development for TarValon.Net. In his spare time Miliham enjoys LARP, MMOs, table top games and Magic: The Gathering.

The San d’ma Shadar Company Commander began reading the Wheel of Time over a decade ago, while he was still in high school. He enjoyed the books so much that he re-read them multiple times.

While Knife of Dreams was still the latest released book, Miliham found TarValon.Net by searching information about the Wheel of Time. He made a lot of friends during his Junior Member days, some of whom are active to this day and are, along with himself, part of the Department of Membership.

Other connections, and especially connections with his Brothers from SDS, Miliham created during Real Life events. Because of the Bears’ tendency to “hibernate,” Miliham says that those real life events and our Anniversary parties in particular helped him bond with the members of SDS, and eventually join the Company.

For his Company Commander term, Miliham has big and strong goals for the future of the Company: “I’m excited and I want to make SDS the best it can be!”

We would like to wish him luck and success during his term!

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