TVTT Green Ajah Edition – Strength

Green Ajah – TarValon.Net

By Faeril Munlear

Over the years, there has been a lot of discussion of Book Green versus Site Green. Even within our Ajah, our opinions may vary. The Green Ajah on TarValon.Net isn’t exactly like the Greens in the books, but we exemplify many characteristics portrayed by Greens throughout the series. 

Obviously, some things don’t translate as well. As much as I’d like to Balefire someone some days, that’s not going to happen. *Takes a shot of Balefire instead* We can’t channel in real life. There isn’t a Last Battle. However, we each have our own battles as well as our own passions. What makes us unique is that we are all individuals, but at the core we all embody a strength, passion and straight forwardness that I admire and respect of my sisters and brothers. 

A common thing you might hear from one of us when asked why we chose Green is “Because I am Green.” While some of us come to Green, once we find ourselves and our inner strength, some of us have always been Green. Maybe it just took us time to realize it. We were drawn to the Green Ajah because the traits that stand out in the books, and traits we see in fellow Greens, are the traits we see within ourselves. 

We each have our individual stories and journeys of why we identify with Green. Most of us are also straightforward and aren’t ones to coddle. Sometimes that can be off putting, but it’s one thing I admire because I know if I share something with my Ajah they are there for support or they’ll straighten me out if I need it. They won’t hold back. Sometimes that’s exactly what I need. The Green Ajah of TarValon.Net is also fiercely passionate and protective in our relationships, with one another and with causes and things we care about. Many volunteer or give back to their community and fight for social injustices. I would also say many of us are loyal and dedicated.

Unlike the Greens in the books, the Green Ajah at TarValon.Net can’t bond as many warders as they’d want. However, out of all the Ajahs, they are allowed the most bonds with two per Aes Sedai. We take our bonds very seriously and sometimes we will go un-bonded for long lengths of time until we find the right bondmate. There are even some of us that have never bonded, which isn’t as common in the books.

When not fighting our own battles, or giving strength to others, you may find us socializing on the site and Discord. You will also find many of us at the TarValon.Net real life gatherings. The Green Ajah may not be taking on Tarmon Gai’don, but the strength, passion and fighting spirit is very much displayed in each of our members on the site. 

Where the book Greens “stand ready,” we “stand our ground.”  – Mystica Ari’Yena

Green Ajah HQ on TarValon.Net-

Facts of the TarValon.Net Greens

By Roheryn ni Galghandhrei t’al’Djinn 

The Green Ajah has 50 Aes Sedai 

The Green Ajah’s toasting drink is something they call Balefire. Faeril and Amaria are responsible, or to blame depending on how much you like Balefire, for it. 

Green has 36 Bondmates 

One of the two founding members of the Tower is Green and she was also the first Amyrlin of the site. Since her retirement, her official title has been Koyn Amyrlin

Green is the only Ajah that a Blademaster calls home

Green has three mottos, one of which is often used for toasting. 

There have been a few times in Tower history when a number of people were pregnant at the same time. Many of these mass pregnancy announcements were blamed on “Drinking the Green Water.”

The Green Ajah has their own Ajah Awards which have been going on since about 2010. 

Green graphic gurus are called Green Monkeys and the Greens responsible for the newsletter are called Ibises. 

When Greens get together in Real Life it is the responsibility of the Head or the longest standing Green (if the head is not present) to present everyone with Green Beads.

Got curious for more? You can find it all in the library

Battle Blogs – Strength

Challenge and Choice

By Melisande Arneil (Part 1 of 1)

Hi – my name is Crystal, and I have three adult children on the autism spectrum. For those who may not know, autism is a lifelong developmental disorder that affects a person’s social interaction and communication as well as being restricted by repetitive thoughts and behaviors. Autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning that a person can have anywhere from a mild to a more severe form of this disability. My oldest wasn’t diagnosed until much older, and has other unique challenges, so I won’t be discussing her in this piece.

My middle and youngest (let’s call them B and D) are on the more severe end of the spectrum. B, my daughter who loves music and Disney, has some obsessive tendencies and has some speech. She’s considered echolalic, meaning that she will echo what you or someone else says to her. D, my son, can very much communicate even though he has no speech and only uses a lot of sounds. I’ve learned to read his body language and am able to understand what he ‘says’ that way. This only works with him, mind you… nobody else.

B and D were both diagnosed at a young age. Being from Saskatchewan, Canada, we accessed our family doctor, who then referred us to a slate of different practitioners: speech therapist, pediatrician, psychologist, and occupational therapist. We accessed occupational therapy where we learned about brushing therapy to help them both understand where and how their bodies were, otherwise known as kinesthesia or proprioception. We had some support through various province of Saskatchewan agencies such as the Child and Youth services through the Regina Qu’Appelle Health region, the Autism Resource Center and the Early Childhood Intervention Program. We also have support through the Community Living division of the Saskatchewan Social Services Ministry. B and D had educational assistance at both preschool and throughout their school careers. Now, we’re looking at moving them both to a small group home in my old hometown, so they can continue to grow as individuals.

As the mom of autistic children, one of my challenges has been to figure out what’s best for them and to choose which battles to fight and which aren’t worth it. I’ve had to educate myself while at the same time learning how to be a mother, a caregiver, a teacher, an educator and a trusted source for my children. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but I’ve learned so much along the way.

Now, I face the biggest challenge yet – to let go. To let others take care of my children. To nurture their creativity and their independence and everything else that can be taken for granted by neurotypical individuals. In spite of the feelings of guilt that I have, I know in my heart this is the best thing for B and D. And I can see how much of a challenge it will be for B and D – to live in a different home in a different town, with people they’re only beginning to get to know. It will be a challenge for all of us, but as a family we will face this challenge together, and hopefully this transition will be the beginning of a new wonderful chapter in the lives of my children.

Vulnerability: a vessel of strength

By Mystica Ari’Yena (Part 2 of 3)

The assumption in our society is often that when one shows any level of vulnerability this equates to showing weakness, a lack of strength. And for decades, I would have agreed with that. It wasn’t until a year ago that I finally came to realize how wrong I had been. For it isn’t our ability to show ourselves as vulnerable that weakens us, but the fear that so often accompanies it. Fear is a crippling thing. It stops us in our tracks, immobilizes us, makes us doubt ourselves and question our moves. In healthy doses, fear is a very natural and valuable part of our defense system. But humans have a tendency to overdo it. To imagine horrors where none (yet) are, and to anticipate all kinds of terrible scenarios. 

It takes a special kind of strength to both embrace a healthy fear while at the same time rejecting its crippling sibling. This is the kind of strength you all know. You’ve all encountered it one way or another. Whether in real life or in fiction through books or movies. It is the strength you see in the wise. The strength of those who master their fear and use it to their benefit, instead of allowing it to control their lives.  The wise don’t fear their vulnerability, nor do they fear showing it. For they know there is a big difference between vulnerability and weakness. 

To activate the strength of vulnerability a first step must be taken. 

A difficult first step. But not an impossible one. 

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TVTT Green Ajah Edition – Book Greens and Battle Blog Intro

Green Ajah – The Books

By Faeril Munlear

“…to be a Green means to stand ready. In the Trolloc Wars, we were often called the Battle Ajah. All Aes Sedai helped where and when they could, but the Green Ajah alone was always with the armies, in almost every battle. We were the counter to the Dreadlords. The Battle Ajah. And now we stand ready, for the Trollocs to come south again, for Tarmon Gai’don, the Last Battle. We will be there. That is what it means to be a Green.”

—Alanna Mosvani (TDR, Ch. 23)

The Green Ajah is one of the most well known Ajahs in The Wheel of Time series, being the second largest next to Red. They stand ready for the Last Battle between light and dark, Tarmon Gai’don. During the Trolloc Wars, the Green Ajah was also called the Battle Ajah. Their Head of Ajah is also sometimes referred to as The Captain General. She is assisted by two women who are second in command, known as the First Strategist and the First Tactician. With a somewhat military structure, the Green Ajah’s eyes-and-ears also keep a lookout for any information that may concern military matters. 

In the books, the Green Ajah is portrayed as a group of strong women who are known to bond multiple warders. Some Green sisters are even known to marry their warders, and it’s rare to find a Green sister without any warders. Even though Green sisters are known for their love of men, bonding multiple warders can also be seen as tactical since they often travel outside of the Tower and see themselves as being on the front lines in battle. 

Members of the Green Ajah are described as having a fiery temper, flamboyant, arrogant, prideful, intense, direct, and haughty. They like to take charge and aren’t the best at hiding their displeasure. Green sisters are also known for their bravery and courage. Along with the Blues, the Greens are considered the most passionate in their beliefs and the most likely to be swayed by emotion. 

You can find more information about the Green Ajah in the books from our library: 

Green Ajah-

Green Ajah Character List-

Battle Blogs – Intro


By Mystica Ari’Yena (Part 1 of 3)

Vulnerability is not well received in our society. It is perceived as a weakness, a liability, an opportunity for your enemies to take advantage of you, an opening for attack. Vulnerability is something we want to avoid and if we can’t avoid it we want to hide it, often even – and especially – from those closest to us. From the very people we most trust and rely on. At no time do we want to appear vulnerable.

If it does show, it causes anxiety, shame, embarrassment; and we do everything in our power to shove it down, cover it up, nip it in the bud, extinguish it. We go back to our strong image as quickly as possible, hoping that no one will remember that slip-up. We must be seen as strong, capable, invulnerable. Nothing can touch us. Nothing can harm us. We can and do take on anything and everything. We are powerful. 

This was me. For 40 years, this was me. And then I crashed. And in the depth of that crash I found a truth that had eluded me all these years. 

There is no weakness in vulnerability. 

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TVT Takeover – Green Ajah Edition

Welcome to the Green Ajah Takeover of the TarValon Times.

During the next couple of editions we’ll attempt to give you a look at who we are, what our Ajah stands for; and what kind of things, actions, and pursuits we get up to as individuals or as a group.

Our Captain-General, Faeril Munlear, will give an insight into the Ajah itself.
What is the Green Ajah? What is it about? How does the Book Ajah compare with the Ajah and (as we are starting to see at time of publication of this takeover) the Show Ajah?  In our Battle Blogs, Ajah members will share their own personal stories and insights or opinions which highlight one, or several, of the key characteristics that either define us, motivate us, drive us and/or inspire us. 

If you have any questions or topics you would like to discuss with us feel free to reach out to any Ajah member. If we’re not out hunting (our real life equivalent of) Trollocs, we’ll be more than happy to interact with you. Small disclaimer though: it is possible that we may not be as familiar with the topic you wish to discuss, in which case we may offer to find someone for you that is. 


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TarValon.Net’s November 2021 Recap

This November brought us many things to be thankful for, including Online Anni, and many awards! I present to you, November’s Recap.

During 2021’s Anni, which was held online, many happy events occurred:

And, of course, the Amyrlin bestowed the Amyrlin’s Awards!

Congratulations, everyone! Well-deserved all!

While Online Anni was exciting, that wasn’t all for November:

Tower-wide Watch Parties were announced for the tv show!

Shiny new logos were launched for Community Groups.

And, the Board of Directors announced that our Founder and Koyn Amyrlin has stepped down from her position on the Board, but will stay on in a consulting capacity. Thank you so much for your presence, Eleyan.

November saw many raisings as well!

  • Arinna Katal stepped into the Tower and into the novice Whites.

There were very important positions filled this month.

  • Luna Morn is our new Mistress of Novices and Recruits.

There are new positions currently hiring this month.

  • The Department of Research and Records is hiring for a new Headteacher

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The Wheel of Time Re-read: Monthly Summary (November)

Please note: This article contains spoilers for The Wheel of Time, particularly The Shadow Rising.

The Shadow Rising, Chapter 15-42

After a slow start, the book picks up here. It doesn’t have the frantic pace of the Great Hunt, but a lot happens. The scenes where Rand learns the history of the Aiel are some of my favorite in the series; which explain many of the cultural behaviors, such as not touching a sword, veiling before killing, and the way they avoid the Tua’athon. Though as the majority of the Aiel don’t know these things, we don’t learn what they think the reasons are. Perrin taking charge in the Two Rivers are his most interesting scenes to date.

We see considerable character development for many of the characters. Rand has accepted that he is the Dragon Reborn, and shows little hesitancy in going to Rhuidean to be the Aiel chief of chiefs. He is pretty isolated here – he seems to trust Mat, but no one else.  He has also started to think more of Min and how, unlike other women, she does not make him feel stupid.  Mat gains hints as to his future, but doesn’t know what to do with this. He also gets the holes in his memory filled, largely with battles, but also with dances and other memories of men long dead. He is now fluent in the Old Tongue, and has learned from those memories how to fight with his new spear weapon. 

Of the boys, Perrin has perhaps the most growth.  Initially planning to go to the Two Rivers to hand himself over to be hanged, he tries to manipulate Faile, which does not go well. Of all the leads, Perrin is least suited to manipulating people. He learns his family has been killed, so abandons the idea of sacrificing himself; instead dedicating himself to saving the village from the Trollocs and to a lesser extent the Whitecloaks. He succeeds in persuading people to abandon their farms and seek refuge in the villages, his ta’veren nature at work, though he is not comfortable admitting it. He also leads his first skirmish with Trollocs, which comes out badly – they are clearly betrayed here. The Two Rivers folk have begun to look to him – chanting “Goldeneyes” for example, but it is not complete – Wil reacts angrily to Perrin’s suggestion that he might prefer to go home and relax rather than hunt Trollocs. He is also much less willing to follow the led of Aes Sedai – even challenging Verin and Alanna directly, to the horror of Loial and Faile. 

Egwene goes to the Waste, as she wants to learn, but immediately starts lying to the Wise Ones and thinking of ways to get round her rules.  She also seems to have changed her loyalties – getting mad at Rand for the way Aviendha treats him, rather than at her; or when she thinks it is childish that Rand tells Moiraine to ask before Healing him. In general, she seems to take a few steps back from her growth while a damane, and is frequently immature, though not as impulsive as she was immediately on escaping the Seanchan.  Elayne and Nynaeve go off on their own, but we see little growth from them.  We get to know Aviendha, who goes from dislike of Rand because she thinks he mistreated Elayne, to hatred of him because of something she learned in Rhuidean – though not the Aiel past as he assumes.

In terms of Worldbuilding, the biggest aspect of these chapters is that we see the History of the Aiel, and glimpses of the Breaking and Age of legends. For me, the revelation that the ancestors followed the Way of the Leaf as unexpected, but it was hinted back as early as the meeting with the Green Man in book one; and made sense of what we knew of their refusal to touch a sword – even if it would mean death.  We also learn a little of the Warrior Societies and the relationship between clans; plus learn that Wise Ones can channel and have their own system for training, separate from that of the Aes Sedai. We also get our first glimpses of Seafolk culture, including that they also have women who can channel, that they hide from the Aes Sedai. They believe Rand is their Coramoor and that they will serve him, but seem to misunderstand the relationship between him and the Aes Sedai

Of the plotlines that run through the series, Rand fully accepting he is the Dragon Reborn moves that plot; and the Padan Fain and Whitecloak sub plots are fully intermingled. With Dain Bornhald’s hatred of Perrin leading him to ignore Fain’s murder of Perrin’s family and his suspicions that Fain may have killed Whitecloaks. The Aiel subplot gathers pace, with Rand coming out of Rhuidean at dawn, but not being accepted by Couladin and his Shaido. And the Black Ajah subplot also advances a little, with them in Tanchico, looking for something that could control Rand; and realizing there is dissention amongst the Forsaken. We don’t have many examples in these chapters of people refusing to adapt to new information, or acting on incorrect information; and generally, the characters are aware of their ignorance and make accommodations for their uncertainty. Aviendha and her attitude with Rand is a striking exception.

By the end of this section, Rand, along with Mat, Egwene and Moiraine, is on the way to Alcair Dal to announce he is the Cara’carn. They are accompanied by peddlers, who Rand suspects and have been attacked by Trollocs. Min is in Tar Valon; and Elayne and Nynaeve are hunting the Black Ajah in Tanchico, where they have encountered Bayle Domon again, and are likely to run into Egeanin.


How is your re-read going? Want to share your thoughts? Join us on the forums here, or our Discord channel.

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