TarValon.Net’s March 2021 Recap



It’s never a dull moment at TarValon.Net!




March was a very busy month, we saw lots of people giving back to TarValon.Net by taking up positions and there were many exciting happenings in the TarValon.Net Community Outreach Project, The Great Charity Hunt!




Congratulations to the following members, thank you for your service!




There was even a raising this month!





There were many positions and opportunities to get involved at TarValon.Net this month.

  • Forum Moderators and Discord Operators – Applications closed March 25th.
    If you missed out this time, don’t worry! Applications open for these positions every six months.
  • Master or Mistress of Accepted & Soldiers – Applications closed March 25th.
  • Marketing Project Manager – Applications closed March 22nd.
  • Graphics Development Team – Applications closed March 28th.
    Applications are ALWAYS OPEN for the Graphics Development Team, Social Marketing Team and Tar Valon Times Staff. If you are interested in being involved in any of these teams please contact marketing@tarvalon.net.
  • Headteacher – Applications close April 2nd.
    If you’re interested in applying it’s definitely worth it! The Headteacher is now an 18 month rotating position.
  • Tar Valon Times Editor – Applications close April 1st.
    This is one of the most rewarding positions this writer has ever held, cannot recommend enough!


Keep an eye out for April when we will have a brand new Editor at the helm and the Val’Cueran Tar Valon Times Takeover!

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Great Charity Hunt – March Update



The Great Charity Hunt was launched back in November 2020 by Erin al’Denael, the Director of Community Outreach. This month the very first Heroes of the Horn Challenge was launched. Lilli O’Neeus, the Servant of All Coordinator put to us all, a challenge. Lilli even hosted a See and Sew for those participating in the challenge!


The March challenge is to use your crafting skills to create as many cage liners/cuddle pads as possible for your local animal shelter before March 31, 2021.


So far The Great Charity Hunt has seen a multitude of efforts by members of our community.


  • Arella MatharaJocasta Braithe, and Erin al’Denael as part of the “Of All and None” Group have made donations to causes important to them.
  • Zashara Sho’am of the Brown Ajah donated $600 to a food bank.
  • Sonea Ilandred of the Blue Ajah adopted a puppy from a kill shelter in Romania.
  • Imzadi Hopewind of the Gray Ajah donates the equivalent of $70 every month to support an animal shelter, deaf children in Kenya, and the SOS Children Village in Nepal.
  • Ninya EvoneighMelisande Arneil, and Tree of the Green Ajah all made donations to worthy causes.
  • Roheryn ni Galghandhrei t’al’Djinn spends Wednesdays volunteering at a soup kitchen. The kitchen feeds 65-80 meals during that time.
  • Jocasta Braithe donates $10 from every paycheck to the Ronald McDonald House.
  • Arella Mathara ran a Facebook fundraiser in honor of her birthday for Stine Sofie’s Foundation. They work hard to support children, from child abuse to child advocacy and support. Her efforts raised approximately $425.
  • Mieriana Souvra donated to the Animal Welfare Institute, ASPCA, Feeding America and Toys for Tots!
  • Cataia Sylvianya donated $10 to the Canadian Dry February Fundraiser.
  • Kyla Sterling donated $230 to the NAACP and $375 to the Trans Women of Color Collective.
  • Vivianna L’antreau donated $150 in December for a variety of things, including a donation to a cash bail fund, purchasing goods to help with Alora’s NICU bags, and ordering items from the VA wishlist in support of Mellaine’s father. She also supported people through GoFundMe in November ($50) and January ($100), and donated $25 to support another friend via a Facebook fundraiser in November.
  • The Val’Cueran Company adopted a wolf! They donated $250 to adopt a wolf at the Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center.
  • The Green Ajah has also been running a fundraiser for Covenant House and have raised $760 so far!


Let’s give a big round of applause to all these members. The difference you make in everything you do is priceless. If you have something to share as part of The Great Charity Hunt don’t forget to fill out The Great Charity Hunt Tracking Form and help your groups’ cause!


Keep an eye out in the coming months for more exciting news from The Great Charity Hunt and the April Challenge!

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What I Missed – Reading The Eye of the World (Part 2)

What I Missed EoTW Part 2


This article contains spoilers for the whole series


This is the second part in my series about “What I missed…” from previous times I read The Eye of the World (Book 1 of the Wheel of Time series).

In case you missed it, here’s a link to What I Missed – Reading The Eye of the World (Part 1).

Last time we ended on Chapter 19.

So now we continue with Chapter 23 Wolfbrother.


In it we meet Elyas for the first time and for the first time we hear about men speaking to wolves.

This is an old thing, boy. Older than Aes Sedai. Older than anybody using the One Power. Old as humankind. Old as wolves.


What made me curious was how is this older than people using the One Power? We don’t really know in which age people had began channeling the One Power, so it could be that in the first Age people were hunting alongside wolves. But again, this is just something that doesn’t seem to be mentioned again in later books.

About Egwene in the same chapter,

She [Dapple] said the girl’s planted firmly in the human world, while you” — he nodded at Perrin — “stand halfway between.


Elyas says that Dapple thinks Egwene is planted firmly in the human world, while Perrin is halfway in between. I wonder what that means and if it has anything to do with the Dream World. If it does, maybe things started to change for Egwene after meeting the wolves. Maybe that’s why she can easily enter the Dream world and is a Dreamer. But if she had the talent even before that, wouldn’t the wolves have seen it in her somehow?

Perrin and Egwene continue on their journey, accompanied by Elyas and the wolves.

In Chapter 25 – The traveling people, Perrin remembers his dreams from some previous nights:


He had not dreamed about Ba’alzamon since meeting Elyas and the wolves. […] In every dream he remembered there was a point where he straightened from Master Luhhan’s forge to wipe the sweat from his face, or turned from dancing with the village girls on the Green, or lifted his head from a book in front of the fireplace, and whether he was outside or under a roof, there was a wolf close to hand. Always the wolf’s back was to him, and always he knew — In the dreams it seemed the normal course of things, even at Alsbet Luhhan’s dinner table — that the wolf’s yellow eyes were watching for what might come, guarding against what might come. Only when he was awake did the dreams seem strange.


We see for the first time that wolves have something to do with dreams and somehow they are protecting Perrin’s dreams from Ba’alzamon entering them. Which might also mean that they have some contribution to Egwene’s dreams too. We don’t really know if they protected Perrin’s because he has the ability to talk to them or because he was in close proximity to them.

In Chapter 27 Shelter from the Storm


Perrin, Egwene and Elyas leave the Traveling People and continue on towards Caemlyn. There is a scene when Egwene must say goodbye to Aram and he tries to convince her to stay. What made me sad is that… they never actually met again. I wonder if they ever thought about each other ever again after their departure. Aram never learned that Egwene was going to Tar Valon to become Aes Sedai either probably (Or is this mentioned later? I will read and find out).

Until Chapter 43, everything has really been sort of straight forward, I didn’t really find much that has been surprising to me.


But in Chapter 43 – Decision and Apparitions,


Loial explains to everyone what the Ways are and how they were created. Some things I find strange include:

When the last Aes Sedai left the stedding, they gave to the Elders a key, a talisman, that could be used for growing more.


It’s interesting to find out how did the Age of Legends Aes Sedai made the Ways. It’s probably some variation to the Traveling weave, but working for non-channeling people and Ogier. However, if there really was a way to “grow” more, why didn’t the female Aes Sedai reach out to the Ogier to find out how to grow more? Or maybe they didn’t know that the Ogier had that “talisman” and the Ogier never mentioned it.

… some who came out had gone mad, raving about Machin Shin, the Black Wind.


Isn’t it a weird name? Black Wind? We find out later why wind, but why Black? How do the people affected by it know to call it this?

But even after Loial explained the dangers of the Ways, the group still goes through them. As they enter the ways and start moving, Rand starts noticing things around him:

The edges of their light caught other stoneworks, what appeared to be stonewalled bridges arcing off into the darkness, and gently sloping ramps, without railings of any kind, leading up and down. Between the bridges and the ramps ran a chest high balustrade, however, as though falling was a danger there at any rate. Plain white stone made the balustrade, in simple curves and rounds fitted together in complex patterns. Something about all of it seemed almost familiar to Rand, but he knew it had to be his imagination groping for anything familiar where everything was strange.


It’s funny, because I believe I noticed this in some of Rand’s dream descriptions in previous chapters, but I didn’t make much of it. Here though, I have the confirmation that Ba’alzamon indeed used the Ways’ layout when he pulled the boys into these dreams.

After they escape the Ways and are on their way to Fal Dara, Rand tries to convince Egwene and Nynaeve that they don’t need to come with them to the Blight. To which Nynaeve responds:

I have little liking for any Aes Sedai, and this one least of all, I think.


To which I could only think… how many more Aes Sedai she will meet and how many of them will be WAY worse than Moiraine. If only Nynaeve knew what was waiting for her… 😀

On their way to the Blight later in Chapter 48 The Blight,


Rand notices that Perrin is not affected by the heat and the smells as the rest of them are.

Only Perrin, still in his coat, was breathing easily. Perrin and the Warder.

The Warder was not affected, of course, at least not that Rand could see, but to his surprise neither was Perrin.


We know from Perrin’s earlier thoughts that he wasn’t able to reach the emptiness of the Void like Rand does. We also find out later that Perrin has a strong sense of smell because of his bond to the wolves. But why isn’t he affected now? Is it just that he is not thinking about it so much, so he basically doesn’t notice it? It feels like there have been plans for Perrin’s development, which didn’t work out and were later forgotten.

Better to cross the Mountains of Dhoom in full daylight, at noon, when the Dark One’s powers in this world are weakest.


These are Moiraine’s words later regarding the continuation of their journey. I haven’t noticed this line before and I don’t think it is ever mentioned again that the Dark one’s powers have a weak and strong point.

In Chapter 49 the group finally reaches the Eye of the World.


This place,” said a deep voice from the trees, “is always where it is. All that changes is where those who need it are.


The Green Man greets them with this line and I cannot help wonder… did they really need to go into the Blight then? How DID this place work really?

Lastly, in the final Chapter – The Wheel Turns, Moiraine speaks with Lord Agelmar about the Horn of Valere.


The Horn must be carried to Illian. It is there, if fresh battles threaten, that it must rally the forces of the Light.


This only strikes me as weird, because of the fact we’ve seen the horn blown in places different and very far from Illian. Why Illian? I know the Hunt for the Horn gathers in Illian, but it doesn’t seem reasonable for the Horn to be blown there. Maybe it’s a myth or a legend that says the Horn must be blown there and I don’t remember it currently.

And with this my reread of The Eye of the World ends. I enjoyed it thoroughly, went deeply in detail of some concepts and character descriptions by reading the book while listening to the audiobook. I hope everyone who has read so far enjoyed it too, maybe had some profound thoughts as I did. Comment below if there is anything you want to add.

Now, onto The Great Hunt!

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National Craft Month



In 1994, the Craft & Hobby Association designated March as National Craft Month in order to help people “rediscover and learn about the benefits of crafting.”[1] As with many other organizations, the Association rebranded in 2017, as The Association for Creative Industries. This organization bills itself as the “premier trade association for the global creative arts products industries. AFCI is committed to its vision of a healthy, vibrant and innovative community that enriches people’s lives through crafting and other creative activities.” [2]

What is a “craft” though? Some may equate it with a particular skilled trade such as being a carpenter, while others may think of it as “The Craft,” the 1996 movie featuring Neve Campbell. There are many, many different perspectives on crafting, but according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the first definition is: “skill in planning, making, or executing;” while the second entry is “an occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill.”[3] This definition covers quite a wide array of activities, and so can be an indication that crafting communities are very inclusive.

In the community of TarValon.Net, we are holding a year-long project named The Great Charity Hunt, in which members are encouraged to contribute in some fashion to particular charities or causes. Each month there is a challenge, and it so happens that the challenge for March synchronizes with National Craft Month. March’s challenge is to “use your crafting skills in order to create as many cage liners/cuddle pads as possible for your local animal shelter before March 31, 2021.”[4] So, not only is March’s challenge a way to utilize one’s skills, it is also used as a way to help out local animal shelters.

At the Tar Valon Times, we would like to encourage those who enjoy crafting to show off your skills and your progress to the world. Of course, at TarValon.Net we have two forums in which to do so. First we have the “Hand Crafts” forum, in which there are discussions about “crafty pursuits;”[5] and secondly, we also have the “Costume/Cosplay” forum,” a place to discuss the making and wearing of costumes!”

Whether you pursue crafting as more of a hobby or whether you have your own business, the marking of National Craft Month is important: crafting brings with it benefits. So, craft away!

[1] National Day Calendar – Craft Month
[2] Creative Industries
[3] Craft in the Dictionary
[4] Heroes of the Horn – March Challenge
[5] TarValon.Net Hand Crafts Discussion Forum

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Member Spotlight: Idine Espanyas



Welcome readers to our next Member Spotlight, all about Idine Espanyas, Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. Idine was recently appointed as Head of the Yellow Ajah (HoA), so this reporter wanted to learn more about the new First Weaver.

Idine lives in Pennsylvania, USA, with her parents and sister. She used to work in sustainable agriculture, and now she is in the field of environmental protection. Idine enjoys a variety of hobbies, from hiking and biking, to gardening, cross stitch, embroidery, and quilting.



Idine is also very musically inclined, having played the violin for many years. Most recently she has begun to learn the mandolin.


Idine found The Wheel of Time while perusing in a local bookstore. The cover of Eye of the World intrigued her, so she took it home and the rest is history. She found TarValon.Net from an ad in From the Two Rivers, and joined our community in the fall of 2008.

What attracted Idine to the Yellow Ajah? “There was just something special about Yellow! The mission of the Ajah fit in with my goals and the way I want to live my life. The Aes Sedai and Warders were/are awesome, and I felt a strong desire to contribute and belong. It’s my home and I think I knew it as soon as I started guesting, and I still can’t see myself anywhere else.”

Since her raising in 2012, Idine has served her Ajah in many positions, including her most recent stint as both Heart and Tea Brewer. She felt like she had the experience to serve as HoA, and that led her to apply. What would she like to see happen during her time as HoA? “I would love to encourage more activity on the forums and in Discord during my tenure. I also hope to organize some future video chats for our Ajah members, and it would be great to hold open video chats so site members can get to know us better.”

Idine summed up her interview with these words of wisdom: “Don’t open the Purple Canister— at least, not without Yellow supervision.” Thank you for the warning, and we look forward to seeing how Yellow flourishes under your leadership!

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