WOTonPrime – Countdown to Series Launch!

Two. Weeks. Fourteen days — dear readers, this is not a drill! The eagerly-awaited premiere of Season One of The Wheel of Time’s television adaptation is almost here. We’ve been teased with trailers and posters; and treated to original memes from the creative minds of our own #TeamMarketing.

We’ve posted a series of articles on our blog over the past year, titled “Where They Came From” focusing on some of the leading cast members: Cast, Stradowski, Harris, Rutherford, Madden, Robins, Henney, and Pike.

TarValon.Net is hosting several opportunities to watch the premiere episodes, beginning November 19th on Amazon Prime. More details are posted here, and include watch parties at the following times and platforms:

  • via Facebook @ 4:15 PM EST on November 19th (Events > WoT on Prime watch party)
  • via Discord @ 11:00 AM EST on November 20th
  • via Discord @ 6:00 PM EST on November 20th

Our Keeper also announced yesterday that there will be a handful of pre-screenings in major US cities on Monday, November 15th.

We’ll have more coming in the next two weeks as the countdown continues. Be sure to follow our TarValon Times blog, and our social channels, to stay up to date!

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TVTT SDS Edition – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About SDS

SDS Takeover Banner

SDS or San d’ma Shadar was one of the first companies founded at TarValon.Net.

10. San d’ma Shadar currently have 22 Gaidin in their ranks.

9. San d’ma Shadar has an official creed.

“I am a member of San d’ma Shadar. I have chosen to become a member of an elite company and as such intend to uphold the ideals and carry on the spirit of a unique brotherhood. I have pledged to follow the Amyrlin Seat and those persons whom she sees fit to place in positions above me, remembering always to acquit myself with Loyalty, Honor, Duty, Truth, Courage, Justice, Prowess, and Franchise.

  • I have no ties that are not bound by loyalty.
  • I have no life without honor.
  • I am bound to family, country, and Tower with duty.
  • I make truth my standard.
  • I use courage to do what is right no matter the consequences.
  • I seek justice for weak and strong alike.
  • I strive for prowess in all I do.
  • I instill all parts of my life with these values through franchise.

I will fight to protect that which I care for, and those who have put their trust in me. I will strive to protect the Tower and all that it stands for, for as the Tower has accepted me, I choose to embrace the Tower. With the strength of the Brotherhood, and the ideals that the Brotherhood embraces I will not falter nor will I fail! For I am a stalker in the night, I am the strength in the battle, I am the center that will not break, I am the tip of the spear, first blood is mine!

8. According to their histories the official drink of San d’ma Shadar is Don Julio 1942, which has been used at their Anniversary Party toasts.

Don Julio 1942

7. San d’ma Shadar has 24 bondmates.

6. There have been 14 Company Commanders of San d’ma Shadar.

5. Some of the companies at TarValon.Net have renamed their Honor Guard with their own title. The Honor Guard of San d’ma Shadar is referred to as the Hammer Guard.

4. The unofficial guests to the San d’ma Shadar Great Room are referred to as Drinking Buddies.

3. The members of San d’ma Shadar have been known to call each other Sabers (Sabe-ers). See the SDS HQ for more information.

2. At least two Blademasters call San d’ma Shadar home.

1. San d’ma Shadar have received 38 Amyrlin, Keeper or Member’s Choice Awards dating back to 2002.


TVTT SDS Edition – The Heart of SDS

SDS Takeover Banner

So there I was sitting sitting in the Wandering Woman enjoying a drink, when this group of loud obnoxious Warders strode in and got a table. It was James, Cynner, Macc, Darian, and even a Jakeb for spice. They ordered drinks and a plate of bbq and more drinks. James started telling stories and enjoying his ale. Getting louder and louder, when Cyn pipes up with a bit of the story and James goes, “Quiet down there I’m trying to tell a story!”

Across the room a fierce looking Shienaran is talking to the bard, gives him some gold to pay for some stories and song, and begins to tell the tale of Aquila the Poor who was Healed by Blue Aes Sedai. “Now that’s when I got the darkfriend in a full nelson and he asked for mercy and I…..”

That’s when the Sheinaran with a top knot grabbed James and gave his a shake. “I just paid 50 flaming gold for a telling of the Karaethon Cycle and I can’t hear a bloody word, you goat-kissing idiot!” said the soldier.

Cyn piped up asking what he and his squad were doing in town. “We’re here for war games you flaming idiots!”

Cyn cracked a laugh, “You play games? We’re warders we do war with our Aes Sedai!”

More insults are exchanged and Uno finally had enough; and the two groups square off. Darian starts to count, “four, six, two, seven, and there’s five of us. I think you should go back to the Borderlands and get another dozen before you face us.”

Ragan gets up and pushes Cyn roughly with a grin. Cyn gets up and punches Ragan in the mouth, and Ragan just spits out a tooth. The mustachioed bard reading the room starts up a lively tune on his pipes as the fight begins. James tussles with Uno, and they but trade blows ending with James being tossed down a bar. Cyn trips Ragan and gives him what for. I enjoy my drink and avoid having it spill when Changu gets thrown into it. “Watch where you’re going man!”

The bar bouncer wades in and starts throwing people out the door; he might have missed a couple times when James and Uno go out the front window into the garbage pile outside. “Blood and Ashes that was fun, let’s go in and do it again!” James nursing a broken nose tells him to calm down a bit and shakes his hand.

Out comes the rest of the Shienaran and SDS bears. Macc shouts as he’s being thrown out of the bar, “I’ll show you how to throw a man out of here!” and jumps out through the window. “I’ve been throwing people outta places since…. before you were born!” Landing with the rest of them. “Y’all fight good and well, what say we become friends and go enjoy some drink elsewhere? Thom you coming, we need some of that fine music of yours.”

“Coming, I just need to write some of this down”

That wasn’t the time when I joined SDS, but it was one of many meetings with them that led me to join. — Wil Cambrae


This is how I imagine SDS meeting friends and making new ones, it’s a paraphrase of a scene from an old Burt Reynolds movie Hooper https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEMJk39km6c It’s an example of how we don’t always agree, but if you stand up for what you believe and put forth the effort, you will get respect for that.

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Online Anni 2021

Editor’s Note: Anni 2021 is happening THIS Saturday, November 6th!! Join us on Discord beginning at 1:00 p.m. EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). Read on for more details from our Director of Events and Conferences….


Because we didn’t want our 20th year to pass without acknowledgement, the Events team, along with Community Outreach and Marketing, decided to hold an online Anniversary event utilizing Discord, on November 6, 2021. We’re even holding a modified Amyrlin’s tournament! 

The fun begins with our Amyrlin, Serinia Sedai, opening the festivities at 1:00 p.m. EDT. We’ll follow that with Erin Sedai of Community Outreach, announcing the results of the Great Charity Hunt, along with the winners from Shaoman. At 2:00 p.m. EDT, Serinia Sedai will announce the winners from the Members’ Choice Awards, as well as the recipients of the Amyrlin’s awards. 

Serinia Sedai will begin our toasting ceremony at 4:00 p.m. EDT, so make sure to have your favorite drink of choice available, as we toast to the Tower and 20 years of our Community. I’m also looking forward to chatting with our members about next year’s Anniversary event, to be held at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee.

And if you haven’t noticed the activity in the North America Anniversary party forum, check it out for our modified Amyrlin’s tournament! Challenge yourself with the scavenger hunt, or take pictures for our Style event! Don’t forget to wordsmith a little something for our theme! And head back to Discord for the trivia event, to be held at 6:00 p.m. EDT, hosted by Aintza Sedai, our wonderful Mayor! 

Finally, we round out the evening with our Olde Warder and Hen night/costume party! Alora Gaidin and Aintza Sedai will once again be your hosts as we wind down our event! 

We’re looking forward to seeing our members join us for our 20th year at Online Anni!

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TarValon.Net’s October 2021 Recap

Greetings friends! October has come to an end, wow, was it ever busy! If you want to save some time, jump directly to Site Announcements to read all the things for yourselves. Most of the first page happened this month. 

– Online Anni is coming up on Nov. 6th!! Come join us in Discord for the shenanigans! Our annual Membership awards will be announced at that time. 

– Our Keeper has retired, and we’re looking for a new one. Following that announcement we learned that two of our Board Members are also retiring, and we’re looking for new ones

– Changes were made for Senior Members who wish to leave their user groups. Instead of demoting and losing their earned rank they are now allowed to be “Of None Ajah/Company” while they explore their options and pick a different group. Some restrictions apply. The process of Bonding dissolutions has also changed. 

– Merit awards were announced, and a new merit for virtual events has been added to the list.


We’ve just wrapped up one of our fun free weeks. Special thanks to Siera al’Cere and the Activities team for their hard work in putting the event together. We Trollocs had, dare I say, a bloody good time playing. 😀


Speaking of playing, we’ve got a new revolving Game of Clue started in Frivolous Fun. Come join us! 


We had three Aspirations this month – Jasin to SDS; and the Blue Ajah welcomed Jocasta and Syera!

See above for Keeper and Board applications. Applications due by Nov. 8th. And Nov. 1st respectively. Additionally, we are in need of a new Brown HoA. Applications due Nov. 7th. 

Aratouial has joined the Tower. 

Dar’Jen is the newest Gaidin of VC, and Morrighan, the newest Gaidin of MDD. 
Congratulations to Alyria and Calen on their Bond. 
Melisande is our new Chairperson of the Board. 

Yenie is the new Red HoA. 

Polegnyn, Seryse, and Jaryd have all joined the Servant of All team

Our Fall Hall has taken their seats.

Thank you to all of you for your service to the community! 

That is all for now. Be safe if you’re doing Halloween stuff tonight, and happy November!

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