TarValon.Net Blood Drive 2021

Blood Drive 2021


The TarValon.Net Blood Drive 2021 has begun! The TarValon.Net Blood Drive is an annual initiative from the Department of Community Outreach. 2021 is the 7th year that TarValon.Net has run the blood drive, which began as a response to the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013. Blood banks are an essential service to everyone around the world on a day to day basis and during emergencies.

In 2020, nine donations were reported from February until November by 5 unique donors for a total of 10 pints of blood. Donations were made in the United States, Sweden, and the UK. Thank you for your donations! – Erin al’Denael, Director of Community Outreach


Blood Drive Logo


Donating blood is not for everyone, but for those that would like to help their local communities in this way here are some handy bits of information about the process. Please check with your local blood bank for information specific to your location.

  • Blood is surprisingly versatile and the blood you donate can be made into 22 different medical treatments.
  • Every blood donation can be used to help as many as three different people. Blood donations are used for a variety of purposes, from helping those who have underdone a serious event (such as cancer or pregnancy) or those who need regular blood products to remain healthy.
  • It’s not just blood you can donate. You may be able to donate blood, plasma or platelets. Each type of blood donation is used for different medical treatments, and your blood type determines the best donation for you to make.
  • If you’re nervous about donating but want to give it a try, check out these helpful tips for donating blood.
  • Safety is very important for donating blood. Check out some of the donor safety measures that may be in place. Please check your local blood bank for specific information regarding your safety while donating!


If you decide to donate in 2021 and would like to be included in the TarValon.Net Blood Drive all you have to do is fill out the Donor Tracking Form. Any and all donations recorded by December 31, 2021 will be included in our 2021 numbers. You can also swing by the 2021 TarValon.Net Blood Drive thread in Site Announcements to share your donation and any tips/information you have for others.

Of course there are some graphics for those who donate to use to help bring awareness to this worthwhile cause.

Blood Drive Sig 1  Blood Drive Sig 2


Blood Drive Sig 3  Blood Drive Sig 4


Blood Drive Sig 5


Blood Drive Icon  Blood Drive Badge 1  Blood Drive Badge 2  Blood Drive Icon

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TVTT Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb Edition – MDD in GIFS



The Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb Company can be described in many ways, here is a representation of them from some of their nearest and dearest in The Brown Ajah!













Feelings FoxJump FoxLick


 Look WhoTheHell


Sometypeofway LongTime








Thanks to Aintza Bisera, Alenya Al’Roran, Loraella Melodie, Serenla Tamowith, Tallan Daar, Zashara Sho’am, Thaddius al’Guy, Elia LePhant and Alexstrasz Ruskein for sharing with us what they REALLY think about MDD!

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Feast of Lights 2020 | Green Ajah & SDS GCH Causes



So far we have shared as part of the Feast of Lights we have highlighted the Great Charity Hunt Causes from The Brown Ajah/Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb & The Gray Ajah, Val’Cueran & The Yellow Ajah and today we’re sharing the causes of The Green Ajah and San d’ma Shadar.


The Green Ajah Cause – Crisis Outreach


Crisis Outreach is the cause chosen by The Green Ajah. The Green Ajah wanted to support this cause because many of the organisations which they are formally supporting have offered help when our members needed it, or they have worked with them directly. They intend to offer their support in both time and money and any other ways suited to the specific organisations. Some of the organisations they are supporting are Covenant House, the Trevor Project, You Are Not Alone, Randomacts.org, Norma’s House and Legacy Ranch.


The San d’ma Shadar Cause – Anything & Everything


Anything and Everything has been chosen as the cause of San d’ma Shadar. There are so many different areas of the world we live in that could use our help and SDS is there for them all. We look forward to seeing all the different ways that the Gaidin of San d’ma Shadar will be Servants of All as part of The Great Charity Hunt so keep an eye out on the Servant of All Forum for more information.


Keep an eye out over the next two weeks for the final two posts about the other causes chosen by our community to help during The Great Charity Hunt! In case you missed them here are links to the causes we’ve shared so far in the Tar Valon Times.

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TVTT Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb Edition – Service to the Tower



The Gaidin who make up the Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb Company are independent, creative, insightful and loyal. Every currently active member of the Company has served the community to some degree, and most have gone above and beyond what is expected. Their service to our community is as varied as they are, spanning EVERY Department within our Administration.






Despite being the smallest of our four Companies, many Gaidin of the Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb Company have been mentors. Aves (4) , Bao (2), Bayrd (2), Calen (3), Ciaran, Emp, Jalen, Jeryn (4), Marrow, Mathei, Murasaki (3), Pip (2) and Venric have mentored over 26 Junior Members!


For their Company many MDD Gaidin have served as Warder Councillors in The Hall of the Tower, some serving a staggering 9 terms. But their service to their Company doesn’t end there with many stepping up to serve as Horror Guards (the chosen name for their Honour Guards) and Company Commanders. The gluttons for punishment even served multiple terms.

  • Aves Keynes served as Horror Guard and as a Warder Councillor (2).
  • Bao the Wyld served as Company Commander (2), Horror Guard and as a Warder Councillor (3).
  • Barmacral Tigana served as Company Commander, Horror Guard (4) and Warder Councillor (7).
  • Bayrd al’Syeen is currently serving as a Warder Councillor (3) and previously served as Horror Guard.
  • Calen Velervron served as Horror Guard and as a Warder Councillor.
  • Ciaran al’Trystan served as a Warder Councillor (4).
  • Emp Orer served as a Warder Councillor.
  • Jalen te’Kreg served as Company Commander, Horror Guard and as a Warder Councillor (2).
  • Jeryn Lekar served as Company Commander, Horror Guard and as a Warder Councillor (9).
  • Maeric Kelskaith served as a Warder Councillor (2).
  • Marrow Rahien served as a Horror Guard and as a Warder Councillor (3).
  • Mathei Kardone served as a Horror Guard and as a Warder Councillor (2).
  • Murasaki al’Aevon is currently serving as Horror Guard (2) and previously served as Company Commander and as a Warder Councillor.
  • Pip al’Dealys served as Company Commander, Horror Guard (2) and as a Warder Councillor (4).
  • Raam Sho’am is currently serving as a Warder Councillor (8) and previously served as Company Commander and Horror Guard (2).
  • Vealdan Annalin served as a Warder Councillor.
  • Venric Methalion is currently serving as Company Commander and previously served as a Warder Councillor (2).
  • Whil al’Gwin served as Company Commander and Horror Guard (2).

If you take a look outside the Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb Company you begin to appreciate how many different areas of TarValon.Net have benefited from each individual’s time and efforts. 

  • Bao the Wyld served as Captain of Soldiers, as a Guildmaster of the Martial Guild and contributed to the TarValon.Net Library.
  • Barmacral Tigana is currently serving as Master of the Watch and has previously served as a Tower Gatekeeper, Captain of Recruits, Department of Technology Staff, a Moderator (3) and wrote for the Tar Valon Times (2).
  • Bayrd al’Syeen served as an Archiving Minion.
  • Calen Velervron is currently serving as a Tower Mediator and as part of the Servant of All Team. Calen has previously served as Director of Community Outreach, Department of Community Outreach Staff, a Moderator (2), a Chat Operator and wrote for the Tar Valon Times. Calen has also taught two classes in The Classroom.
  • Ciaran al’Trystan served as a writer for the Tar Valon Times.
  • Emp Orer served as Captain of Recruits, a Moderator and as a member of the Merit Badge Focus Group.
  • Jalen te’Kreg served as a Moderator (3), a Chat Operator, as a writer for the Tar Valon Times and as Assistant Curator for Poetry and Literature. Jalen was also the Local Liason for the 2003 Anniversary Party.
  • Jeryn Lekar served as a Chat Operator and as a member of the Integration Focus Group.
  • Marrow Rahien served as Captain of Recruits and as a member of the Online Events Team.
  • Mathei Kardone taught a class in The Classroom.
  • Murasaki al’Aevon served as a Guildmaster of the Martial Guild, a Chat Operator and as a member of the Graphics Development Team.
  • Paderic Acbeare contributed Creative Pieces for the TarValon.Net Library.
  • Pip al’Dealys served as Headmaster, Assistant Deputy (of the City) and as a Library Editor for the TarValon.Net Library.
  • Raam Sho’am is currently serving as a Library Editor and previously served as a Chat Operator, and as a member of the Integration Survey Hive Mind and Merit Badge Focus Group.
  • Sin Selar served as a member of the Outreach Activities Team (OAT).
  • Vealdan Annalin is currently serving as a Department of Technology Staff Memer and has previously served as a Moderator (3), a member of the Online Events Team and as a Library Editor for the TarValon.Net Library.
  • Venric Methalion served as a member of the Graphics Development Team (2) and as a member of the Integration Focus Group.
  • Whil al’Gwin contributed Wheel of Time Weapons to the TarValon.Net Library.

The Gaidin of Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb are not just appreciated within their own Company with many of them receiving awards from other Membership Groups, through the Member Choice Awards and Keeper Awards. Just check out the list below!

Much of the work contributed by the Gaidin of Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb is behind the scenes and TarValon.Net wouldn’t be what it is today without them. Thank you all for your service.

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The Heron Marked Sword & The Gleeman’s Instrument



This year has been full of exciting reveals for the upcoming Wheel of Time TV series on Amazon Prime! From the actors who will help to bring our favourite (and least favourite) characters to life to behind the scene shots and teasers for the show.


A much anticipated prop from The Wheel of Time was unveiled earlier this month, The Heron Marked Sword! And most recently we saw the reveal on the @WoTonPrime Instagram account of The Gleeman’s Instrument.


Rafe Judkins (@rafejudkins) the WoTonPrime Showrunner also took the time this month to answer some questions from the fans about the upcoming series! Rafe asked for questions for a “Quick Q&A specifically about changes from book to screen!”.


Question: In the books we always enter the story on the wind, will that be a convention we see a lot?

Rafe: We’ve tackled the wind in the Pilot in, what I think at least, ha is an unexpected but rewarding way. Excited to see what you all think of it.


Question: Who’s the most significant S1 character you invented for the show?

Rafe: There’s no one fully invented. Anyone “new” is either a character pulled from somewhere in the series and changed or a composite of groups or types of characters personified in one individual. Other than STEVE. Obviously.


Question: How difficult was it to change or leave out characters from the books for screen adaptation?

Rafe: Sometimes very difficult, obviously. People who drive the story or shed light on our characters’ back stories or the world of the show always will be more likely to make an appearance. But some people are there in glimpses or subtle nods just for our enjoyment. Some extras were named as characters and given things/looks from the books, so keep your eyes peeled.


Question: How many times did I give you blank stares when discussing possible changes?

Rafe: This one is obviously from Sarah N [@sarahenakamura]. There were moments when a trilled room full of writers would go “we’ve cracked it! It’s amazing! But can ‘insert book canon person/place/thing’ be ‘insert noncanon idea’ instead? And Sarah’s resounding, withering stare would tell us to go back to the drawing board. RIP Perrin talking to a bear.


Question: Do you have to change character personalities for a screen adaptation?

Rafe: We try not to. Most of our jobs is about making sure that we create a story and scenes that can tell the audience about character motivations and WHY they’re doing something they’re doing when we can’t just drop into their head and say it like you can in a book. This often results in some of the biggest “changes”, but they’re ultimately put in to make sure that the character on screen is as emotionally true as possible.


Question: Were there any changes in earlier drafts of scripts that were scrapped in final version?

Rafe: Yes, tons. We are never afraid to try something and see if it works. But then that has to also go through Sarah and Me (I drive the writers as crazy as anyone with sticking to the books). It also then goes to Brandon Sanderson, Harriet McDougal, and Maria Simons, who’ve been huge helps in checking us and helping us go back to the drawing board on changes (or many times, saying “that works” and giving us permission to release a tiny sigh of relief).


Question: Are there some major characters that appear in the first book that won’t appear in the first season?

Rafe: Yes. And some of them are still slated to appear in later seasons (again, approaching the adaptation of the series, not just each book individually). A few of these characters I bet you already expect this for, and one, at least, I think will surprise you.


Question: Have there been any major locations or cities you’ve had to cut for budget/time/logistics?

Rafe: This is perhaps the biggest source of changes for us. Even with the massive amount of money Amazon has kindly given us to bring this world to life, to go to as many unique cities/villages/locations as they do in the books is simply impossible. We have chosen to do a few places extremely well (both culturally and with production design) instead of doing dozens of places cheaply and badly. This results in many changes that have huge ripple effects (if you can’t go to Baerlon, do you still meet Min? Do you still encounter the Whitecloaks? Do you still have dreams of Ba’alzamon? Etc). I’m betting that most things that feel the most unnecessarily changed to people from the books (even if they’re hugely separated from that specific location) will be borne out of a location specific change.


Question: Do you attempt to keep book dialogue? Or start from scratch?

Rafe: Every writer receives a document when they begin their script put together by our book expert, Sarah, that breaks down every scene in the episode and gives specific dialogue and scene references from the books for it. Especially for scenes that aren’t from the books at all, we will find scenes from the books with the same characters together or talking about the same thing thematically. That said, predictably, almost all the dialogue in the show is not from the books so as to sound as natural as possible with our locations/actors/scenes as they’re played.


Question: How far through the series did you consider when making changes (in terms of repercussions)?

Rafe: We have to consider it for the entire series. Which has led to many in room conversations/screaming matches where someone is like “The Yellow sister Healing someone in this scene CANNOT be Chesmal Emry. Are you kidding me? Do you know anything about Chesmal Emry. What did you just google a random Yellow sister name and pick one you liked? F*ck you and your yellow sister, it’s not going to be f*cking Chesmal Emry, I guarantee you that”.


Question: Have you made changes that hurt you/Sarah to make, but were necessary for the screen?

Rafe: The writers room floor is littered with my tears. Truly though, I don’t want people to be unprepared for how different the show is to the books. To do a proper adaptation, it has to be. As a thought exercise just imagine we can only do four of the cities from EoTW [Eye of the World]. So from Emonds Field, Taren Ferry, Baerlon, Shadar Logoth, Whitebridge, Four Kinds, Breen’s Spring, Caemlyn, Fal Dara, which do you choose? What are the knock-on effects for character and story from the ones you don’t go to? Which characters haven’t met each other now and how can you reconnect them? We have amazing writers and hugely helpful support in Brandon and Harriet to tackle these changes. But they’re not small. Gird your loins, my friends.


Question: What made you change Thom playing the lyre to a guitar?

Rafe: Thom is a good example of changes made for the show. For one, I want characters to appear when we have the time to spend to properly introduce them and get enough scenes for them to attract a great actor for the role. You will never see scenes on this show where four random people appear, say two lines, and then disappear for seasons. It just won’t get you the caliber of actor you need and it doesn’t properly intro that character to the audience. So for Thom, we wanted to give him a proper introduction, and we also wanted him to have a strong masculine energy that made a counterpoint to Moiraine. We saw actors of all ages, races, and vibes to play Thom but when Alex Wilaume’s tape came through we knew he was Thom and moved toward his vibe for the character which was younger and grittier than books Thom. The guitar looks much more fitting in his hands and with his voice than a lyre. When he stomps onto stage in the show, it’s a MOMENT, and that’s what we wanted from Thom. Never fear, multicolored cloak is still in existence, but different than you imagine. Isis (our costume designer) nailed it.


There was also a question from Twitter.


Question: How much of the monster/trolloc/fade/gradkhar design is being done pratically, vs digital effects? Mostly makeup and prosthetics? And with that, how closely does the design match the text? (Totally smooth faces on fades, varieties of trollocs, etc.)

Rafe: We have worked hard to use as many practical effects and pieces as possible for Trollocs/Fades, but don’t want to spoil all the secrets until you watch the BTS after the 1st season.


With every new piece of information from the #WoTonPrime team, anticipation and excitement builds! What are you most excited to see in the new Wheel of Time show? Let us know in the comments below.

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