TVTT Brown Ajah Edition – Brown Ajah Highlight

Brown Social Highlight


This article contains SPOILERS.


The Brown Ajah
Highlight for October 2019


The Brown Ajah at TarValon.Net and the Brown Ajah from the books were the highlight of October 2019 on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). TarValon.Net’s Brown Aes Sedai do have a big book-Brown streak, like Serenla Tamowith explained it in this quote:

Brown Serenla


But at the same time, the Browns have their own identities and are different from each other in many way, like Sela Narian says here:

Brown Sela


The Brown Ajah at TarValon.Net can sometimes be very competitive. For example, we asked you:

TV.Net Brown Trivia


Usually we have two holiday events per year. The Brown Ajah has won Best Group theme 8 times in total! More than any other group. You can check all of their group themes on their Library page here.


However, the Brown Ajah have their own holiday, Suzanne Day, celebrated since 2008! And Suzanne Day is coming soon! Happy Suzanne Day!



Some of our Browns shared their shawls with us too! Check them out! How pretty!

Brown Ajah Shawls


Book Trivia for the Brown Ajah month included:

Brown Book Trivia

Brown Trivia Sea Folk

Brown Head of Ajah


The answers to these are: 5 Amyrlins raised from the Brown Ajah, Aiden, Zemaille and Nyein, all come from the Sea Folk, and joined the Brown Ajah, The Head of the Ajah is called First Chair. As First Chair back then in TarValon.Net served Eluial Sedai.


And of course, it will not be a Brown Ajah month if we do not include a quote from our favorite book Brown – Verin! The people love Verin, as shown from the comments under our post:

BROWN Verin quote


Verin Comments


In addition to this, we added a blog post about Verin’s many adventures, Five Other Times Verin Saved the Day.


You can read more about the Brown Ajah at TarValon.Net and in the books by finding more resources in our Library, check out our blog post which summarizes everything here.

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TarValon.Net’s January 2021 Recap



It is a new year! 2020 was an exceptionally difficult year for much of our membership, but sticking together as a community helped us though. 2021 is a new year and we hope that it’s filled with beautiful and peaceful moments!



January at TarValon.Net began with a lot of announcements and many new beginnings!

  • In the beginning of the month, TarValon.Net found out that we had been nominated for r/Fantasy subreddit’s Stabby Awards in the category “Best Fantasy Site of 2020”.
  • There are many photos taken at our Real Life events every year. If you would like (or not like) your photo to be shared on our Social Media Channels, in the Tar Valon Times (Blog) or the TarValon.Net Library Wiki you can now fill a form to state your preference. You can read more about the form here.
  • The Merit Badges for January were announced and many people were awarded merits in different categories. You can check all of them out in Part 1 and Part 2. Congratulations to everyone!
  • The Department of Community Outreach launched the 2021 Blood Drive. You can check this thread here about how the blood drive works and how to donate.
  • Demotions and bond dissolutions were announced this month. The thread is only for informational purposes and you can check it out here.
  • At TarValon.Net the Feast of Lights celebration is normally the time of an annual fundraiser which helps the members embrace being Servants of All. This year TarValon.Net used the Feast of Lights to share the causes chosen by our membership groups for The Great Charity Hunt. You can read more about the different causes in the following blog posts:
    • For the Brown Ajah/Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb Company group’s and the Gray Ajah’s chosen causes: here.
    • For the Val Cueran Company’s and the Yellow Ajah’s chosen causes: here.
    • For the Green Ajah’s and the San D’ma Shadar Company’s chosen causes: here.
    • For the Dai M’Hael Company’s and the “Of All and None” group’s chosen causes: here.
    • For the Blue Ajah and the Red Ajah’s chosen causes: here.



The City of TarValon.Net hired its new City Architects: Dar’Jen Ab Owain, Lyndo Shiranui and Melorea al’Taehor! Congratulations to all of you and we wish you luck in your new positions!


We saw a new bond, the Light help us all, connecting two people, who have sworn to fight the Shadow together! Many congratulations to Zashara Sho’am of the Brown Ajah and Venric Methalion of Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb Company on their bond. If you like GIFs, you should definitely check their awesome bonding applications in the thread here.


We didn’t have many open positions at TarValon.Net during January, but the ones we have are of particular significance:

  • Our really long-time serving Director of Membership Sa’areah Britthorn, decided that it was time to give the reins of this very demanding department to a new person. We would like to say a huge Thank You to Sa’areah Sedai for all the effort she put into her work and for taking care of our Membership, here at TarValon.Net. The applications for this position are due February 3rd, if you’re interested in applying look how to it in this thread here.
  • Alenya Al’Roran, Director of Marketing is looking for a new Social Media Manager, with the applications are due February 2nd. You can find more about the position here. We would like to say thank you to Bruce al’Kay, who really did a great job with our social media presence in the past 6 months.
  • As always, keep in mind that the Department of Marketing is always on the look out for new people, so if you’re interested in joining our biggest department, see how to apply here. Writers, artists and social media enthusiasts are all welcome!

    Keep an eye out for the TVT Takeover for February…. Brown Ajah Edition! 

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TVTT MDD Edition – Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb Highlight

MDD Recap
 This article will include SPOILERS


Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb Company
Highlight of June 2019 


Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb Company or MDD for short is one of TarValon.Net’s four Companies. During the month of June in 2019, we decided to highlight their tight-knit group on the TarValon.Net Instagram and what they stand for in our community.

And of course, we started off with asking the most important question!

If you didn’t already know this, MDD was founded in 2004, later than the other three Companies.

During June 2019, we featured some quotes and fan art of WoT characters, who we believe might fit in very well with the Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb Gaidin.

For example, there was this great quote from Mat Cauthon:

And some WoT trivia, where we included the following interesting questions:

Even though you might think it was Bella….. it was actually dear young Olver!

Do you know the answer to this one?


It’s The Spray! And you know Captain Domon has also said some pretty smart things:In the spirit of this Company’s character, we decided to share this great quote from Mat, who we think might fit in very well with Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb:


Both Olver and Bayle Domon would fit in with the MDD Gaidin pretty nicely, is our theory!

Amazing fan art was shared of:

  • Ingtar Shinowa (featured here on our blog here),
  • Olver (Art by thuvia on Deviantart)
  • Bayle Domon and Leilwin Shipless (again art by the amazing Ariel Burgess)
  • And MAT CAUTHON! And you can read this interesting article about Mat that we shared on our blog too, here .

If you would like to learn more about the Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb Company, you can check out their Headquarters in TarValon.Net’s Library here.

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TVTT Gray Ajah Edition – Gray Ajah Highlight

Gray Highlight
The Gray Ajah
Highlight of February 2020


The Gray Ajah at TarValon.Net and the Gray Ajah from the books were the highlight of February 2020 on our social media platforms.


TarValon.Net’s Gray Ajah is similar to the Gray Ajah from the books in some cases, but in others – it’s different. In this quote, one of our Gray Aes Sedai has summed up pretty nicely the main similarities and differences.




We asked you some questions about the Gray Ajah as part of our Trivia Thursdays!



Many of you of course answered correctly to all of these questions. The Gray Ajah’s purpose is to mediate, seek consensus and for this, the Grays are also required to know the laws of the lands of Randland. Their Head of Ajah is called the Head Clerk and Nine Aes Sedai from the Grays have been raised to be the Amyrlin Seat.


For Monday’s quotes, we decided to share a quote from a famous book Gray – Yukiri Haruna. We also shared a fan art of her, which we believe is amazing! The artist of this piece is jieroque on DeviantArt. Follow them for more Wheel of Time art!


Yukiri Quote TVTT Gray


We shared a quote of one of our Gray Aes Sedai – Ilverin Matriam. And her amazing shawl, which many people appreciated in the comments:


Ilverin Shawl TVTT Gray


Since every Aes Sedai has her own different, but special Shawl, which fits her character perfectly, we also shared this amazing Shawl of Imzadi Hopewind Sedai.



On our blog you can find articles about the Gray Ajah and Gray Aes Sedai characters:

  • Check out’s Library resources about the Gray Ajah here.
  • An article about Annoura Sedai of the Gray Ajah can be found here.

The backgrounds of the text pictures represent TarValon.Net’s logos for the Gray Ajah, and are property of TarValon.Net.

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TVTT Citizen Edition – Citizen Highlight

SM Recap Citizens


Citizens of Tar Valon
Social Media Highlight of December 2019​


When one becomes a member of TarValon.Net, they do not immediately enter the White Tower as a Novice or Recruit. There is a membership rank before that, called Citizen of Tar Valon. At this membership rank one can look around and learn more about the community, before deciding if they want to enter the Tower. For those that don’t want to go through the raising process in the Tower we also have another rank for our long standing Citizens, Resident Citizen.

From our Membership Manual:

“Citizen is the first rank that full members of TarValon.Net can attain. The City and the rank of Citizen were implemented in Spring 2003 in order to give people a chance to figure out whether or not they wanted to fully join the Tower, and to ease the burden on administrators who saw numerous individuals joining the boards and few staying. Furthermore, we found some Community Members didn’t want to be incredibly involved with the community; they simply wanted a place to play, to discuss the theories, and to hang out, but they didn’t care about taking on the strictures involved with being a Novice or Recruit or about moving up in the ranks”

We think that the Citizens are an important part of TarValon.Net, that is why we decided to spotlight them on our social media channels during December of 2019! If you don’t already, feel free to check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Do you know who the current Mayor and Membership Administrator of the Citizens is?

Jahily al’Karee is currently serving as the Mayor of TarValon.Net and has been since April 2019. If you decide to join the community now, you will get to meet this amazing lady!

In the spirit of the Citizens of Tar Valon, we want to share couple blog posts that we had during December 2019:

  • Read about 7 Randland Cities we don’t see enough of here.
  • Read about this deeper insight into Citizens here.


If you want to have some more information, check out these Library resources from the blog post here .

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