6 Moments from The Wheel of Time That Made Me Laugh Out Loud

This article contains spoilers through A Memory of Light, Chapter 17, “Older, More Weathered”.



With fourteen books and a prequel, clocking in at almost 4 ½ million words, The Wheel of Time is full of great moments. There is happiness, sadness, frustration, loss, guilt, and a myriad of other emotions. There are also moments of hilarity, and that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.


Here are six moments from The Wheel of Time that made me actually laugh out loud.



It’s a Worthy Name!

Zarine was a proud, brave Hunter of the Horn! She needed a strong name like “Blade!” Unfortunately, sometimes when we choose an exciting or unusual name, there are some unexpected associations…

Faile ni Bashere t’Aybara, aka Mandarb, by Liz Stephanoff

[Perrin] growled disgustedly. “We are just travelers on our way to Illian, girl. What is your name? If I have to share this ship with you for days yet, I can’t keep calling you girl.”

“I call myself Mandarb.” He could not stop the guffaw that burst out of him. Those tilted eyes regarded him with heat. “I will teach you something, farmboy.” Her voice remained level. Barely. “In the Old Tongue, Mandarb means ‘blade.’ It is a name worthy of a Hunter of the Horn!”

He managed to get his laughter under control, and hardly wheezed at all as he pointed to the rope pen between the masts. “You see that black stallion? His name is Mandarb.”

The heat went out of her eyes, and spots of color bloomed on her cheeks. “Oh. I was born Zarene Bashere.”

( The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 35, The Falcon )



Definitions Are Hard

Mat and Perrin were both impressively adamant that they weren’t Lords, but I think Mat was slightly more vocal about it. However, sometimes the definition of the thing matters a bit more than your acceptance of it…


[Thom] hesitated, smiling, a faint twinkle in his eyes.

“What?” Perrin asked.


Thom repositioned his pack. “Is every last farmboy I know going to transform into a nobleman by the time this is through?”


“I’m no nobleman,” Mat said.


“Oh?” Thom asked. “Prince of the Ravens?”


Mat pulled his hat down. “People can call me what they want. That doesn’t mean I’m one of them.”


“Actually,” Thom said, “it—”


“Open the gateway so we can get going,” Mat said.


( Towers of Midnight, Chapter 53, Gateways )



Every Other Sentence

Good ol’ Uno. Nynaeve told him that he could swear once every other sentence, so that is exactly what he did.

Uno Bloody Nomesta by Seamas Gallagher

“Did your mother never teach you to talk decently, man?” [Uno’s] real eye frowned at [Nynaeve] almost as darkly as the painted one, and he rolled his shoulders. […] “What are you doing here, Uno?”

He looked around before answering. Not that he had need; there was little traffic on the path—an occasional ox-drawn cart, a few folk in farm clothes or rougher, here and there a man on a horse—and no one seemed willing to come any closer to him than they had to. He appeared a man who might cut somebody’s throat on a whim. “The blue woman gave us a name in Jehannah, and said we were to wait there until she sent instructions, but the woman in Jehannah was dead and buried when we arrived. An old woman. Died in her sleep, and none of her relatives had ever heard of the blue woman’s name. Then Masema started talking to people, and . . . Well, there was no point staying there for orders we’d never hear if they did come. We stay close to Masema because he slips us enough to live on, though none except Bartu and Nengar listen to his trash.” The grizzled topknot swung as he shook his head in irritation.

Suddenly Nynaeve realized that there had not been a single obscene word in that. He looked about to swallow his tongue. “Perhaps if you cursed only occasionally?” She sighed. “Maybe once every other sentence? The man smiled at her so gratefully that she wanted to throw up her hands in exasperation. “How is it that Masema has money when the rest of you do not?” She remembered Masema: a dark sour man who liked no one and nothing.

“Why, he’s the bloody Prophet they’ve all come to hear. Would you like to met him?” He gave the impression of counting his sentences. Nynaeve breathed deeply; the man was going to take her literally.

( The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 38, An Old Acquaintance )



First Kiss Fail

Mat tries a new approach to wooing a woman – reserved and borderline polite. The only thing is that he’s not very good at reserved and polite.

Mat & Tuon by endave

“You may kiss me, Toy.”

He gave a start. Her words, not spoken softly, had made them the object of every eye. Selucia’s face was so stiffly expressionless her disapproval could not have been plainer. “Now?” he said. “When we stop tonight, we could take a stroll alone—”

“By tonight, I may have changed my mind, Toy. Call it a whim, for a man who lets poisonous snakes go.” Maybe she saw one of her omens in that?

Taking off his hat and sticking the black spear into the ground, he took the pipe from between his teeth and planted a chaste kiss on her full lips. A first kiss was nothing to be rough with. He did not want her to think him pushy, or crude. She was no tavern maid to enjoy a bit of slap and tickle. Besides, he could almost feel all those eyes watching. Someone snickered. Selucia rolled her eyes.

Tuon folded her arms beneath her breasts and looked up at him through her long eyelashes. “Do I remind you of your sister?” she asked in a dangerous tone. “Or perhaps your mother?” Somebody laughed. More than one somebody, in fact.

“Grimly, Mat tapped the dottle from his pipe on the heel of his boot and stuffed the warm pipe into his coat pocket. He hung his head back on the ashandarei. If she wanted a real kiss. . . . Had he really thought she would not fill his arms? Slim, she was to be sure, and small, but she filled them very nicely indeed. He bent his head to hers. She was far from the first woman he had kissed. He knew what he was about. Surprisingly—or then again, perhaps not so surprisingly—she did not know. She was a quick pupil, though. Very quick.

When he finally released her, she stood there looking up at him and trying to catch her breath. For that matter, his breath came a little raggedly, too. Metwyn whistled appreciatively. Mat smiled. What would she think of what plainly was her first real kiss ever? He tried not to smile too widely, though. He did not want her to think he was smirking.

She laid fingers against his cheek. “I thought so,” she said in that low honey drawl. “You’re feverish. Some of your wounds must be infected.”

Mat blinked. He gave her a kiss that had to have curled her toes, and all she said was that his face was hot? He bent again—this time, she would bloody well need help to stay standing!—but she put a hand against his chest, fending him off.

( Knife of Dreams, Chapter 25, Attending Elaida )



Always Graceful

Min is a master at undercover work. She plays the part of a dreamy girl impeccably well, except for when she doesn’t.


[Gawyn] shook his head. “Do you know where they are, Min? Would you tell me if you did? Why are you hiding?”

“Because I drove two men mad with my beauty and cannot make up my mind,” she told him acidly.

He gave her a bitter half-laugh, then masked it with a grin. “Well, that at least I can believe.” He chuckled, and stroked under her chin with a finger. “You are a very pretty girl, Elmindreda. A pretty, clever little girl.”

She doubled a fist and tried to punch him in the eye, but he danced back, and she stumbled over her skirts and nearly fell. “You bloody ox of a thimble-brained man!” she growled.

“Such grace of movement, Elmendreda,” he laughed. “Such a dulcet voice, as a nightingale, or a cooing dove of the evening. What man would not grow starry-eyed at the sight of Elmindreda?”

( The Shadow Rising, Chapter 17, Deceptions )



One Upping

When two friends, long separated, are finally reunited… there’s always something to compare.


“You’re such a bloody good friend,” [Mat muttered to Rand.]

“It’s good to see you too,” Rand said, a hint of a smile on his lips.

“Here we go,” Mat said with a sigh. “You’ve pulled me into trouble again. You always do this.”

“I do?”

“Yes. In Rhuidean and the Waste, in the Stone of Tear . . . back in the Two Rivers. You do realize that I went south, instead of coming to your little party with Egwene in Merrilor, to escape?”

“You think you could stay away from me?” Rand asked, smiling. “You really think it would let you?”

“I could bloody try. […] What did you do to your hand, by the way?”

“What did you do to your eye?”

“A little accident with a corkscrew and thirteen angry innkeepers. The hand?”

“Lost it capturing one of the Forsaken.”

“Capturing?” Mat said. “You’re growing soft.”

Rand & Mat by Melissa Erickson (kreugan)

Rand snorted. “Tell me you’ve done better.”

“I killed a gholam,” Mat said.

“I freed Illian from Sammael.”

“I married the Empress of the Seanchan.”

“Mat,” Rand said, “are you really trying to get into a bragging contest with the Dragon Reborn?” He paused for a moment. “Besides, I cleansed saidin. I win.”

“Ah, that’s not really worth much,” Mat said.

[Mat & Rand convince Tuon and the Seanchan to ally with Rand against the Dark One.]

“Thank you for the good word,” [Rand said.]

“Sure,” Mat said. “By the way, I saved Moiraine. Chew on that as you try to decide which of the two of us is winning.”

Mat followed Tuon, and behind him rose the laughter of the Dragon Reborn.

( A Memory of Light, Chapter 17, Older, More Weathered )


There were too many to choose from, and it was hard to narrow down the list!


What were some of your favorite funny moments from the series?


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Immediate Takeaways & Full Transcript of Rafe Judkins’ September 2018 Q&A

Rafe Judkins’ just hosted a Q&A on Twitter regarding the upcoming Wheel of Time television series. Over 190 questions were asked and answered, and while there is a full transcription at the bottom of the post, here are some of the main takeaways (spoilers galore!):

Survivor-Era Rafe Judkins

• Rafe is in communication with everyone on Team Jordan (Harriet McDougal, Alan Romanczuk, Maria Simons, and Brandon Sanderson) and is letting their thoughts inform, but not direct, his decision making.

• Rand’s romantic plot will not stay the same in the television series. We don’t know as to whether or not this means that he won’t be in love with all three women, or he will be in relationships with all three, but not at the same time, or something else. It may simply mean that they will play up Rand and Egwene’s romance, but everything else afterward will remain the same. Out of everything revealed, this is probably the most radical departure from canon.
UPDATE: Rafe has clarified this and stated that he is “much more interested in polyamory than polygamy.” This leads us to believe that Aviendha, Elayne, Min, and Rand will all be in a relationship with one another, instead of the three women having their own relationship with Rand.

• More LGBTQ characters will be shown in the television series. There weren’t many openly LGBTQ characters in the novels, although they did exist, so whether or not he will be making sexuality more fluid in the series, or if he will be expanding upon some romances that are shown off-screen is still unknown. He does say that there will be “pillow friends out the wazoo”, though.

• Channeling will be shown visually on-screen. Rafe notes that he particularly liked how magic was shown on Doctor Strange.

• Scenes that happened “off-camera” in the books will happen on screen in the television series.

• There will be less braid tugging and skirt smoothing than in the books, but one braid tug did make its way into the pilot episode!

• The latter middle books in the series will be condensed. We can probably safely assume that that condensing will end with The Cleansing of Saidin.

• Rafe’s favorite characters are EgweneGraendal, and Moghedien.

• Logain’s story will be expanded upon.

• The television series will not be shying away from issues surrounding gender, sexual identity, or mental health. Rafe is working with a team of advisers and writers to make sure that these are tackled in a thoughtful manner.

• Episodes will be one hour long.

• The five scenes from the first two novels that Rafe is most excited to adapt are Tam and Rand in the Westwood, Winternight, Tarwin’s Gap, Tomon Head, and Egwene being leashed. He is also excited to write Dumai’s Wells.

• Instead of “Light vs. Dark”, Rafe views the central conflict in the series as “Balance vs. Imbalance”.

• Rafe is particularly enthralled with Moiraine, saying that she “redefined the ‘guide’ character in fantasy’. Of all the characters, Moiraine is the one that he is most excited to bring to the screen, citing what she can mean to young women.

• The books feature violence, sexual comments, nudity, torture, and quite a few other themes that would give the series a mature rating. Rafe’s only comment regarding these were that he intends to make the show feel “simultaneously adult but accessible to all.”

• There is a plan in place for either highlighting/emphasizing or condensing/cutting some of the Forsaken.

• Rafe says that it is “very important to [him] that the show is feminist in today’s context”. This was in answer to a question regarding the outcomes of female villains (getting raped, ending in permanent bondage, etc.) vs male villains (who primarily just die).


Most of all, we learned that Rafe Judkins’ has a sense of humor (and here’s a more NSFW display of his sense of humor), and is generally just an overall amazing person. The fact that he was willing to take a few hours out of his day to answer all of these questions for fans is stunning, and it’s more than any of us could have ever asked for. We have so much to go through, but we look forward to so many more #WoTWednesdays!



See below for a full transcript of his Twitter Q&A.




Rafe Judkins: Here we go! I’ll answer one question per person, as long as it is in response to THIS thread with #WoTWednesday and #WheelofTime hashtagged! Also, I can’t answer most questions because of NDAs/the desire to surprise in series/dramatic suspense/etc, but I’ll do what I can 🙂

The first question answered was about who would play the role of Bela, aka The Greatest Horse Ever.

@christinibnini: Who do you see in the role of Bela?
Rafe Judkins: I am SO GLAD you asked this. I love Bela, and although we’re very far away from this, I already want to make sure that we have a consistent horse(s) to track her through the entire run of the show 🙂


@Bambi740977317: Hey @rafejudkins! How would you like to handle the prologue of EOTW, and the prequel scenes from New Spring?
Rafe Judkins: I have plans for both of these, but you’ll unfortunately have to wait for the show to see 🙂


@malkeirsking: Is there any way for fans to get involved with the show in some fashion?
Rafe Judkins:I think being involved online is a great way to contribute to the show. You’d be shocked by how many showrunners/writers/executives/etc read posts for their show on reddit/twitter/AV Club and more. On past shows, most people would discuss fan reaction the morning after each ep


@JordanConInc: Dear Rafe. The guest list for #JordanCon 2019 filling up fast! Should we pencil you in for 2019 or 2020?
Rafe Judkins: Pencil me in for both!


@dragonmount: In your view, what is the heart and soul of this TV show? ie, Why will people (non-fans included) want to watch?
Rafe Judkins: To me, and the way I’ve pitched it since I first became involved, is that even though the world is incredible, the magic system one of the best in fantasy, and the gender dynamics are so fresh feeling, the thing at the heart of this are the characters.
So, I think those first three things are the things that may bring in first-time viewers, it’s the last thing that will keep them there 🙂


@top10tam: i think music will be a massive thing for the show, i LOVE elder scrolls oblivion music, but…. listening to Metallica songs/lyrics…. (frayed ends of sanity,blackened etc) i think that suits too, any ideas on that front about what music to use yet?
Rafe Judkins: We’re still a ways from music decisions! A lot of that will be director/composer/music supervisor dependent. I like to hire people who are really good at their jobs and take their advice, so it may end up being different than what I think right now 🙂


Egwene at Beltine by endave

@rileysweeney: Egwene is a divisive character among fandom (although my fav, as a fellow community organizer), what do you think is her defining attributes that you would want to bring out in the show?
Rafe Judkins: I’m obsessed with Egwene. I think, of all the characters, she faces some of the most dramatic/impossible choices in the series. And to me, characters you fall in love with are the ones who have to face these choices and come out stronger on the other side. She is going to rock


@ThreeIfBySpace: How closely do you anticipate the show to follow the ‘true canon’ of the books, or are you already planning on creating a parallel canon? Are you considering having any of Team Jordan on-hand as consultants through the process at all?
Rafe Judkins: I am telling the story of the books, but as with any adaptation to a different medium, there will be differences. Otherwise, what will people have to scream about after each episode? #ladystoneheart4ever


@phiswiz: How do I become an extra on the show?
Rafe Judkins: Extras are always cast on location. So once we have one you’ll have to move there, ha. There were tons of people who would do work-visa-vacations to Belfast to be extras on GoT.


@alishanda1: Will Logain’s story line be retained in TV series? And if yes, just interesting how you imagine this character? =)
Rafe Judkins: I really like Logain and plan to not only retain, but expand, his role in series.


Billy Zane as Ishamael in Winter Dragon

@KMalfet: Will @BillyZane be reprising his role as Ishmael ?
Rafe Judkins: NO.


@CogworthNeedleb: Can you say what the target audience might be? Game of thrones level? Or teen drama like they did with shanara?
Rafe Judkins: I think, like the books, this show should be aimed at a wide audience.


@itsmecaterpie: How much badassery do you think we can expect from the Mat vs Gawyn & Galad fight?
Rafe Judkins: I mean this question answers itself, doesn’t it?  😉 (ie. badassery, obviously)


@Kiroshadow: Rafe – What would it take to get you to do a round of Cons (ComicCon, DragonCon, or especially JordanCon)?
Rafe Judkins: If I’m allowed to go and don’t need to be somewhere else, I’ll go 🙂


@DanielBGreene: WoT is controversial regarding how it handles gender/sexuality/mental health. My audience at WoTTalk has expressed concern on how these topics will be handled. Would you mind commenting on these concerns/how you plan to approach these topics?
Rafe Judkins: I think the explorations of these topics is something important and I’ll be using a lot of advisors and writers around me to make sure that we tackle them thoughtfully.

The Lofoten Islands of Norway – Rafe’s dream location to shoot The Wheel of Time

@BrownAjah16: What would be your dream location to shoot the first season of the show? #WheelOfTime
Rafe Judkins: The Lofoten Islands of Norway! But only because I just want to live there. I’m sure we’ll end up somewhere with some more diverse landscapes that better capture the breadth of the WoT world 😉


@Elan_Morin: #WoTWednesday has Amazon actually ordered a Pilot or a season?
Rafe Judkins: Can’t answer
@Elan_Morin: Can I change my question then? Hahahaha
Rafe Judkins: Yes, but only once and now you’ve done it.


@Thegreatestjen1: Who is your favorite character, and why is it Egwene?
Rafe Judkins: This is my favorite question so far. I know it’s lame, but I honestly have too many favorites — Egwene, Aviendha, Mat, Nynaeve, Perrin, Rand, Tam — honestly I believe that when you’re writing you have to be in love with all of your characters, and now that I’m writing, I am ha


@Smitteh7: G’day. Will you consider coming on and do an episode on the “Wheel of Time Spoilers Podcast”?
Rafe Judkins: I’ll consider everything, but I don’t like to spoil things 😉


@d3vnulldroid: Will you show us who killed Asmodean when it happens or leave it as a WAFO to torture those that haven’t read the books? #WoTWednesday #WheelOfTime
Rafe Judkins: I love to torture people with a WAFO, so… WAFO 😉


@Theoryland: Considering all the fan questions Jordan, @BrandSanderson, and #TeamJordan have answered about the #WheelofTime over the years, have you studied that mountain of data not found in the books? If not, what’s your strategy to make sure you get all the details right?
Rafe Judkins: I’m in communications with everyone on #TeamJordan, and will be even more so once we are further down the line. They’ve lived this and will be invaluable to me. I’m also the kind of writer who values all the data I can get, and then let it inform but not direct my decision making


@HeikkiVesanto: What character will be hardest to translate to TV?
Rafe Judkins: Bela! It’s hard to get the same horse to do every scene. So we’ll probably be doing some horse make-up on a team of Bela lookalikes.


@WingsprngBrothr: What written resources besides the published novels are you utilizing (such as Robert Jordan’s archived notes, The Wheel of Time Companion, the comic book adaptations)?
Rafe Judkins: Everything I can get my hands on!


@LycoPsycho: Have you written any Wolf Brother/Wolf Communication yet & how will it be represented (words whispered, images, etc.)?
Rafe Judkins: This’ll be decided with the consultation of a director. But I think that using images to convey meaning might be very suited to TV 🙂


@Vumbug: How do you plan to write around the fact that the weaving of the power is so in depth but can’t really be visualized well on screen?
Rafe Judkins: I’m hoping it can be visualized well on screen!


@CONtessa_966: How much are you hoping to shoot on location vs in a Soundstage? Do you have any specific personal goals for locations to represent iconic Randland settings?
Rafe Judkins: I love shooting on location, so we’ll try to go out a lot and then use soundstages for the bigger interior sets that’ll be used repeatedly.


@amooresiue13: Are you writing the first season / first book as a standalone, or do you envision this being a series that will span the whole book series?
Rafe Judkins: A series that spans the whole book series!


Trolloc by Jeremy Saliba. Rafe says that he would like to use practical effects on creatures whenever possible.

@TrollocTalk: Does the idea of SFX impact how you write the series? Do you find yourself hesitating with certain ideas for shots/scenes based on awareness that they’ll be really complicated/expensive? As a literal gruesome monster, this concerns me.
Rafe Judkins: Yeah, you have to be considering this at all stages of the process. Making a show is about making the right choices to deliver the best thing to screen, and so I’m already considering props vs sfx vs makeup vs vfx for everything.


@whtwrkscmndo: In the books, there are occasional references to items/events from our world (Mosk and Merk, the Mercedes logo in Tanchico, etc.). Do you intend to leave some of these in, as a reflection that the Third Age is a future earth?
Rafe Judkins: I prefer the more subtle ones.


@glindsey212: Morning, @rafejudkins. Is @AmazonStudios planning to give the show the same scope and production value as HBO’s #GameofThrones, or #Westworld, or is this entirely a unique beast? Does Amazon realize the potential of this property? Thank you!
Rafe Judkins: Regardless of budget, I will make sure that we are only executing on screen things that look as good as those shows do. The smaller the budget, the less of those things, but I think it’s important that the entire show feel real, grounded, and premium


Moiraine & Siuan by karaburrito. Moiraine & Siuan were Pillow Friends during their time together in The White Tower.

@TarValon: Hi @rafejudkins what are your thoughts/plans regarding lgtbq representation in the shows? There is some in the books (pillow friends and such) & we know how much it matters to be represented in media. Thank you!
Rafe Judkins: I think that gender is such a key theme of the books, and discussing gender without a full representation of LGBTQ+ people would be a disservice to that discussion. Rest assured, their will be pillow friends out the wazoo.


@boweconstrictr: What is the approximate rate of a) dress-smoothing; b) braid-tugging; and c) chin-raising per episode?
Rafe Judkins: Haha, there is ONE braid tug in the pilot. But I think you’ll like it 😉


@damienbyrne2011: As the only Sex Symbol in the books, How will you do Narg?
Rafe Judkins: I have been alerted that you have asked more than one question! SHAME. So I’ll answer this one — Trollocs will only be as sexualized as you make them on viewing.


@Colonel_ck: Are you approaching the #WoT Series lining up as 1 season per book, combining books into a season, or extending books past a single season? Or adjust on a per book basis?
Rafe Judkins: I think you really have to take it book by book and make decisions that best suit those stories.


@LesAnecnotes: Will the first season of Wheel of Time contains the first 2 books or only the first one ?
Rafe Judkins: This one gets a WAFO. Apologies 🙂


@scottytxag: Thanks for interfacing so well with the fandom! How will you approach portraying the Age of Legends in the flashbacks (Sho-wings, Shocklances, Song of Growing, etc.)?
Rafe Judkins: Thank you, but I feel like I’m terrible at interacting with the fandom. I’m so bad at social media, it makes me feel like a sad old man. I only want to use flashbacks when they help elucidate our characters’ stories, so that’ll be a WAFO 🙂


@AveJoeintheD: How do you visualize the threads and weaving of the One Power on screen?
Rafe Judkins: This, as with most things, I want to stay true to the books. I think this can be done in a really cool way, but will hold on a firm answer until I’ve discussed more fully with a director

@brandonq133: How would you ideally want to handle the Shadowspawn? (CGI, practical effects, etc.)
Rafe Judkins: I think trying to do practical as much as you can is always the right choice.


@Stratusziel: Robert Jordan was massive on foreshadowing and long game setups, are these elements going to be prevalent in your script?
Rafe Judkins: This was a huge gift he gave the show! Being able to set up things seasons in advance is amazing.


@thakroz1: Rafe- thanks for doing this Q&A. What is the timeframe you foresee this actually hitting our screen? Thanks!
Rafe Judkins: I wish I knew!


@marb_agar: What’s the age range you’ll be looking at for Rand, Mat, Perrin and Egwene etc.. and will the casting be done worldwide or does this Irish boy need to get to you in the US for a chance to audition?
Rafe Judkins: Worldwide casting!


Rand and Tam in the Westwood, from The Eye of the World Graphic Novel, illustrated by Chase Conley. Rafe says that this is his favorite moment from The Eye of the World.

@ilovemoiraine: Which are the 5 scenes from the first two books that you are most excited to adapt for the show? Thank you for doing this!
Rafe Judkins: Tam and Rand in the Westwood, Winternight, Tarwin’s Gap, Toman Head, Egwene being leashed


@JarrettAbrahams: Do you plan on using practical effects on things such as trollocs and ogre’s? Or are they going to be CGI ?
Rafe Judkins: Combo. But practical where I can


@thecookie_maker: With as many characters, settings and plot lines as WOT had which ones do you think / have already decided won’t make it onto the screen?
Rafe Judkins: This is a WAFO sadly 🙂


@mrb10170: Which characters or plot points do you wish you could have included but had to cut due to time constraints?
Rafe Judkins: I wish I could’ve included Rand. (Just kidding, another WAFO)


@nickcioffi: to the best of your ability explain what changed in the shows status the last couple of months. You were silent on it for a year and now talking about it weekly! Thanks
Rafe Judkins: Good question! WAFO


@jsandieg: WoT has a great deal of content, what is the plan for condensing this into a show that is coherent and retains the major themes from the series? Anything you are sad to have to leave out? Thank you!
Rafe Judkins: I think this will come into focus the deeper we get into series. I imagine most of the things I’ll be sad to lose will be actor or budget driven


@ThorneFireheart: If you were in the #WheelOfTime world, what would you do? You can be anything from a farmer, to royalty. I would be a Green Aes Sedai from the Borderlands, interested in the making of power forged weapons and armor. My Warder would be a blacksmith!
Rafe Judkins: I would be an activist for male inclusion in the Aes Sedai 😉


@Ipavaiva: How many seasons you think the series would take in tv format? And how many episodes per season?
Rafe Judkins: This one I imagine will be malleable as we go. More than 5 but less than 14 🙂


I Killed Asmodean Bumper Sticker, which adorns Rafe’s mother’s car.

@TaverenTees: What do you think of the existing officially licensed Wheel of Time merchandise?
Rafe Judkins: My mom has the “Who Killed Asmodean?” bumper sticker on her car!


@Qrazyzlacker: How are you adressing the worry that many current Wheel of Time fans have, that the series is too big and won’t work well adapted as a tv-series because too many essential elements will need to be cut.
Rafe Judkins: I actually think TV is a perfect format for these books. You can tell a hell of a lot of story per season!


@Miapoochoo: What have you found most challenging about the screenwriting process so far, especially writing The Wheel of Time itself? One thing would be the sheer amount of material/characters: what are your general/specific plans to avoid mental breakdowns?! 🙂
Rafe Judkins: I think the challenging thing is always off the page actually, and the amount of other logistical concerns that have to be managed without letting it affect the storytelling


@rjholmes2017: In terms of length and the amount of material to get through, how do you see the story playing out across seasons… Is there a rough figure of episodes and seasons, and do you think they’ll roughly match up to a season per book?
Rafe Judkins: Again, this’ll be malleable by season and book


@Dotted8thNote: What is your approach to all the sword fighting/martial arts we see from Lan, Tam, Rand, the Aiel, and others?
I’m hoping for a realistic & creative approach to this and not what TV usually gives us.
Rafe Judkins: I love action and a great stunt coordinator is key. I want everything to feel as real as possible


@TSignus: Given that the Wheel of Time is complete and making a 14-season series is almost certainly not viable, can you talk about how you decide which books to combine into which seasons? Realistically what sort of number of seasons do you see it taking?
Rafe Judkins: I mean let’s all be honest, I’m gonna be condensing in the latter middle section of books 😉


@AlanAlbert0880: This series is so important and big parts of life to alot of people. Ex. It helped me get through incredible loss and even Joy.
How did you get into to #wheeloftime and what (if anything) did the character’s struggles help with anything in life in general??
Rafe Judkins: Hey this is a great question that I talk about a lot. This book really helped me deal with a difficult time in my life and I so hope the tv show can create a world that will offer the same escape/support that the books did to me


@SHarshaModukuri: Since the books follow a path of chosen one versus dark entity, and now these days grim dark and ambiguity rule the Tv shows, are you planning to follow the same way?
Rafe Judkins: I think sometimes we need a little light and clarity in the world


@dragonmount: Hey @rafejudkins, post a selfie of you answering our questions! (Bonus points if you’re wearing Trolloc pajamas)
Rafe Judkins: You already asked a question (two if I remember correctly), and I am basically drowning in piles of coffee and iphones and laptops trying to refresh questions with the help of a fellow WoT lover


@wolfhawkpk86: Hi Rafe, any comment on when we can expect an announcement or other press release from a studio?
Rafe Judkins: Wish I could comment


@Shane_McMenamin: How many questions do you anticipate?
Rafe Judkins: I’m guessing there will be a lot. And there are. Ha


@Zmann966: Have you already put thought into directors for season one’s episodes—if you’re not planning to direct most of it yourself? Do you have a DP in mind already?
Rafe Judkins: I don’t plan to direct it, but am already thinking about a lot of great men and women for the jobs!


@SnowmansSky: which storyline are you primarily writing?
Rafe Judkins: Can you clarify? 🙂
@SnowmansSky: 🙂 ok….. I’ll try…. in EotW(book), you have the Rand/Mat/Thom storyline, Perrin/Egwene, Moiraine/Lan/Nynaeve….. which are you focused on the most? 🤷‍♂️😬 I hope that clarifies it a bit?
@SnowmansSky: Or maybe my thinking is all wrong in how the total story is divided up. Is it all written “per episode”?
Rafe Judkins: We will hopefully follow all of those stories very fully. That’s one of the beauties of TV, is following multiple POVs in one episode 🙂
@SnowmansSky: That is so awesome to hear!!! 👍. But I was wondering if you personally write for specific characters, or does everyone write for all characters??? I love the passion that I’m reading here today!!! ❤️
Rafe Judkins: Everyone writes for all! Especially me 🙂


@piboye1: what rating are you aiming for? My wife and I are worried about the nudity.
Rafe Judkins: If there is nudity I’m sure there will be cuts of the show available without it as well 🙂

Shadar Logoth by Bo Zonneveld

@CaulkStyle: If you had the budget, time, and access to special effects, what is your vision for how the scene at Shadar Logoth in EotW would look like?
Rafe Judkins: That requires like 15 pages of script to answer, but in three words I want it to be eerie, beautiful and tense


@ButchBaileyRYP: What’s THE central/key/core conflict of the series?
Rafe Judkins: I think most people would say light vs. dark, but I’d actually say balance vs. imbalance.


@vanWaalwink: Is the production process of #WoT comparable to the Production process of #GoT? And could you mark an X on the timeline of GoT where the WoT development is currently at? Or maybe if the projected timeline is shorter or longer
Rafe Judkins: Can’t answer this one sadly. But loving the graphic


@Bajeebusses: What do you think will be the most challenging aspect of the show’s writing and production?
Rafe Judkins: Maintaining the heart of the books while delivering something that works in the medium of tv


@kivlehan: Will you be keeping Min, Elayne and Aviendha as separate characters each with a role in the show and their relationship to Rand in tact?
Rafe Judkins: That one you’ll have to WAFO


@Carl_Zv: Hi ! Aren’t you feeling overwhelmed by the work it will take to work on a 14 novel serie ?
Rafe Judkins: Nope. I love it. Can’t wait.


@Elania21: What will the show be rated? The books have both violence and sexual comments which can be played either up, down, or shown on TV as written. #WoTWednesday #WheelofTime #TarValon
Rafe Judkins: I want it feel simultaneously adult but accessible to all


@Thegreatestjen1: Nothing in the novels contradicts the assumption that the sea folk don’t have a special relationship with aquatic mammals. Will there be any dolphins during a majestic sea voyage montage?
Rafe Judkins: VERY IMPORTANT question. WaFO


@ryeinn: What difficult to translate part of the series are you most excited for the community to see and why?
Rafe Judkins: The relationships between the characters.


@EliceASmith: Will the various cultures be based on various countries and will we get corresponding ethnicities and races?
Rafe Judkins: I really want to stay true to the books in creating a world that feels way more diverse than what we’re used to seeing in our fantasy tv shows


@robchristianson: When is the anticipated or projected release time? I’m assuming out near 2020-21? Just ballpark it.
Rafe Judkins: Can’t answer but I wish I could


@randalthor88: Can I play the role of Rand AlThor?
Rafe Judkins: Sure. Just show up on set


@kcoleman21372: My question is for casting, specifically for Perrin. I know that casting is a long way off but when it does happen, how do I go about submitting myself without representation? If it helps I am in the Atlanta, Ga metro area. Prime place for filming
Rafe Judkins: Ginger Perrin, eh? Casting is a long way off and handled by our casting director. So I’d suggest stalking him or her when we get there 😉


@jordanclindsey: What is your favorite moment in Book 1, and why (and do you plan on having characters sniff!) Thank you!
Rafe Judkins: My favorite moment is Rand and Tam in the Westwood. It’s so iconic to me and gives me the “this is happening” feels


@tomohara: How many times have you listened to @tWoTcast to prepare for writing the show?
Rafe Judkins: Probably not enough? :-0


@CreatedQ: What do you think about addressing multiple main character PoV’s? Do you think you would focus ONE episode/sequence of episodes on ONE branch of the overall story, or switch between PoV’s within an episode, even though they are not dependent?
Rafe Judkins: I think both are fair game. I always think mixing things up in a tv show and keeping the audience guessing with HOW you’re going to tell the story adds a lot to the experience.


@kivlehan: What do you think will have to hit the cutting room floor from the Eye of the World in transitioning from book from show? As a follow up could those things re-emerge at a natural point later?
Rafe Judkins: This is a WAFO, but there are already aspects of EoTW that I plan to use in different seasons

Padan Fain as featured in The Eye of the World Graphic Novel, illustrated by Chase Conley.

@Dacamase: With the importance of Padan Fain to the series, do you plan to disguise his “true-self” in the show better than his introduction in the book for those who haven’t yet read the series?
Rafe Judkins: Yessir!


@grieving_the: Will you consider coming on the Wheel of Time Spoilers Podcast? Obviously all book but no show spoilers will be on the table.
Rafe Judkins: I consider everything, but truthfully media appearances are usually carefully organized by a marketing person from the studio/network


@ErickGWalter: As a fan, who were your favorite characters?
Rafe Judkins: Already answered this, but I’ll give you another — Graendal!


@zbrantley67: Though it is far away, who is your dream casting for al’Lan Mandragoran?
Rafe Judkins: Answering this would only make our future LAN sad


@AliciaS20: Hi Rafe- do you think there will be a visual way to see the use of the One Power? Or will it be the cause/effect making us aware of the use?
Rafe Judkins: I think we will see it visually.


@HarperRobin: Would you be a guest on the @WoTSpoilers podcast?
Rafe Judkins: Answered this one!


@mickey_lessa: Other than online, fans may want to be a part of the cast, is that possible when casting comes up?
Rafe Judkins: All casting will be handled by the casting director when we get there! Hopefully we will have some fans on the show


@chrisoubre: When building the broad arch of story for the series, are you starting with the mindset of “all plot threads included” or “start with the core plot threads and expand where possible”? Some threads, like The Bowl of the Winds do not move the story very far
Rafe Judkins: The latter, certainly. Always looking for story that serves character. That said, there are iconic moments in the book that simply need to exist and I will find ways to include them


@LeoSOAD2011: have you ever considered making WoT into a animated series?
Rafe Judkins: Nope, only live action for me 🙂


@SICZxkJkB12LHid: Hi Rafe. How will the magic in the series be shown? If you know of course.
Rafe Judkins: Again, this will be director dependent


@MaxeyEli: How can I increase my chances of working in this show ? It’s literally why I became an actor
Rafe Judkins: It seems like being a Disney Star is a key way to get cast in anything now. Ha. But again, pursue casting director when we get there

Graendal by Ariel Burgess

@raffa_depalo: Who is your favourite Forsaken?
Rafe Judkins: Graendal


@joshuahisle1: In reference to casting, will you be looking for “unknowns”, already established actors, or both?
Rafe Judkins: Both!


@house_of_hiatus: During season 1 will we see flashbacks of defining father son moments between Rand and Tam that influence Rand’s decisions later on?
Rafe Judkins: You’ll have to WAFO


@EarlofMangwich: Thank you Rafe! Presumably, you can’t say much, but it will be interesting to see how you visually discern between The True Power and The One Power in use, and of OP, how to discern between saidar and saidin (corrupted and cleansed). Thoughts?
Rafe Judkins: I think there are actually descriptions in the book for all of this that can translate well to screen (slick oil taint etc)


@RSQuackenbush: Hey, Rafe! SO pumped to see this happening- do you plan on matching any specific accent to a region? Ex: English accent to Andor
Rafe Judkins: Yes and no. It’ll be somewhat actor dependent but I’d like to find at least as much consistency as GoT has


@ibarkhou: Can you provide any insight on how you plan to tackle Jordan’s style of providing important details as part of character’s internal dialog?
Rafe Judkins: That’s always the crux of screen adaptation. It makes it fun!


@yallitsadragon: Do you have a clear vision of what Avendesora will look like? If so, can you spare some details?
Rafe Judkins: WaFO! 🙂


@psixouli13: Will the show be full of fantasy, meaning using the one power, dragon’s prophecies, world of dreams, snakes&foxes, props, special effects, etc? Will it feel like a fantasy world but with realistic characters? Hope so 😁 Thank you!
Rafe Judkins: I want it to feel like a realistic fantasy world


@sirk_the: ave you considered using Emoji subtitles for Wolfspeak, Min, Dreaming, etc? It might save some budget for important things like ornate stones boards, dresses, elephants, etc. 👩🏿=🌖x9 #TryingToHelp
Rafe Judkins: 🤐


@randomrpgdude: Hi Rafe, the narration itself is more lighthearted than sad with comical scenes and much humor – are you planning on running with that for the adaptation?
Rafe Judkins: Of course. Humor is key to making any world feel real


@karthick_Aero: Are there any major characters that are going to be axed while the transition from Book to TV adaptation? If yes can you name them?
Rafe Judkins: I don’t have big axing plans. I imagine that’ll only happen once there’s an actor who can’t pull off what they’ve been given


@ryamano1: Rafe, will Rand’s romance plot remain close to the books? I mean, liking one girl at first but ending up with three in the end?
Rafe Judkins: No
Rafe Judkins: Let’s just say I’m much more interested in polyamory than polygamy. And maybe give me a little more credit than assuming I’m gonna gut that entire story and ruin everything off a one word answer?  😉


@Captain_Kebab: Hi Rafe good luck with this huge job. My question is generally what is the age rating your writing for? Or the show pitched as. PG, 12A, 15 or 18 for example.
Rafe Judkins: I want it to feel adult but accessible


@kivlehan: Aside from the books themselves, what other TV shows or movies come to mind when you think about how you want the show to feel when viewers experience it?
Rafe Judkins: LoTR of course and GoT, but also not Shanarra


@Christo52661783: Are there any minor character/plot point/locations you are in love with but know you’ll have to cut for time? Non spoiler because I said minor right?
Rafe Judkins: We lose a lot of Cenn Buie, and I like his grumpy old manness.


@garterandpurl: Are there any plans yet on how the One Power will be portrayed when users are channeling?
Rafe Judkins: I want to do it as close to possible as the books do


@Jandurin: Will each “season,” assuming there are multiple seasons, cover 1 book or will they be split up based on storyline?
Rafe Judkins: It’ll be dependent on book/season and not the same throughout


@ericajok: Hi. Will we ever see something of New Spring? I propose a Christmas Special. ☺️
Rafe Judkins: I hope so! A Christmas special is a much beloved thing missing in this world now


@BenDerekton: Will your scripts include scenes that occurred “off camera” in the books but could be used “on screen” for the show to progress the story in a fresh way?
Rafe Judkins: Ding ding ding. This is a big part of things I want to add.

Rafe says that the visuals of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon influence him.

@DarrenLove202: What is one tv show or movie that has influenced you with regards to overall visual aesthetic or plot development?
Rafe Judkins: I love the visuals of Hero and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.


@Hris239: Please tell me that you will use the Blind Guardian WoT song for the intro!😀
Rafe Judkins: I don’t know it actually!


@JordanShipley23: Where will you be filming the various settings in the Wheel of Time?
Rafe Judkins: Yet to be seen!


@osendrelle: What is your all time favourite moment of the series?
Rafe Judkins: Egwene’s final scene


@caroline_naomi_: When does casting begin?
Rafe Judkins: 🤐


@ThomasH62351327: How does WoT’s wide cast of characters, impact script writing for the TV-show. With characters like Tam, Elaida and more being vital, shown early but not seen for a long time again later?
Rafe Judkins: It’ll be a puzzle of casting and contracts but it’s a puzzle I think is worth figuring out


@EvilOne359: Hi Mr. Judkins, thanks for taking these questions. For the direction of the series are you going to stick close to the books or more of a reimagining/your own spin?
Rafe Judkins: Close to the books! I love them for a reason


@VelvetTomahawk: How do you plan to display exactly what a ta’veren is?
Rafe Judkins: Through conversation/action


@jenfuckingglenny: Fuck, marry or kill? (any 3 characters)
Rafe Judkins: Which 3?
@jenfuckinglenny: SIUAN, ELAIDA, AND GRAENDAL
Rafe Judkins: Easy. F – Graendal, M – Siuan, K – Elaida. Is there another option?

Moghedien by Ariel Burgess

@MaldracoD: Who is your favorite character?
Rafe Judkins: Answered this already but here’s another — Moghedien!


@BobbyBouc: which character are you the most eager to be seen played on screen? #WoTWednesday
Rafe Judkins: Moiriane. Obviously.


@disgeisler: Is there any kind of a timeline yet for starting production?
Rafe Judkins: 🤐


@Falron13: Are there any plot lines that you already know are going to be cut from the show, and if so, any hints as to which? Also, thank you for allowing us to bombard you with our questions!
Rafe Judkins: Not looking to cut major plot lines, more reshuffle/repurpose/etc


@zegkljan: AFAIK, the series is very much in the writing stage right now and there is a very long way for it to show up on screens. What do you think are the chances it actually will show up? Do you think the whole #WheelofTime is going to end up on screens?
Rafe Judkins: Wish I could answer this!


@darthsheppy: If you had to cast Mat, Rand, and Perrin right now who would you cast?
Rafe Judkins: Again, won’t make our future cast members sad by naming people who aren’t them now 😉


@onemdw: How can I be sure to tape for Rand? I just left an agency and don’t want to miss the opportunity.
Rafe Judkins: Follow up with the casting director when we have one!


@Masato_LoL: Will you picture less charecters and storylines than the original material to reduce screetime and cut on budget ? If so, any idea of the characters and parts of the book that may not appear in the show ?
Rafe Judkins: Again, will try to include as much as I can, but will always cut things that don’t tell us more about character


@TomRhysBryne: Could you describe how you picture the main ta’veren characters looking as you write them, not naming names if you picture actors but what do they look like to you. If you cant do all three for possibly semi-obvious reasons i’m most interested in Perrin
Rafe Judkins: I’ve found that the pictures you create in your head of characters always end up being different than the actors you actually cast, and then once you do have those actors, it becomes impossible to picture them any other way!


@Cheesy: How many episodes will the first series feature and which books will it cover? Additinally when will you do an episode of the WOTSpoilers Podcast with the guys over at @WoTSpoilers 😉 ?
Rafe Judkins: Team @WoTSpoilers is on it this morning!! Ha. That’s a WaFO though 🙂


@BraidTug: Who are your dream teams for Costume Design and Special Effects?
Rafe Judkins: Applause for the name, but again won’t name favorites


The Forsaken by Jeremy Saliba. Rafe says that he “has a plan” for either highlighting/emphasizing or condensing/cutting (some of) The Forsaken.

@SoriannaAlmourn: Do you have a plan for either highlighting/emphasizing or condensing/cutting (some of) the Forsaken? Or is it too early to plan for that still?
Rafe Judkins: I do have a plan for this!


@tajonamir: How are you predicting the break between seasons/episodes to look with the story from the book? Like I know book 1 doesn’t need to be one whole season, are you guys chopping it somehow?
Rafe Judkins: There will be lots of chopping and rejiggering to make the story as fluid as possible on TV.


@MalisFeldor: Assuming the series moves forward, what kind of timelines (rough or specific, whatever you can say) can we expect? (i.e. casting begins, filming begins, or target release)
Rafe Judkins: 🤐


@topaosfan: So what is your favourite scene in the series that you can’t wait to see on screen ..or feel horrified you have to pull it off
Rafe Judkins: Most I’m just excited about, terror comes in for things like Rands journey through Rhuidean. I hope I can do it justice.

Moiraine by Francesca Resta

@cursor_mortis: Which characters are you most and least looking forwards to casting?
Rafe Judkins: Most — Moiraine. Least — Moiraine.


@tomp115: What kind of intro do u look at? 1. Doing it like the books prologue – start chapter 1- 2. Do u think of alt intro Example Wordless montage on DM of a 30 years old bloody warrior finding a child in the mountain snow with battle raging in the background
Rafe Judkins: WaFO 🙂


@CarnivoreMan: Thoughts on details that go unnoticed/unexplained for several books? Things that seem extraneous until rereading the books. IE cats liking female channelers, such as Basil Gill’s cat leaving his ankles for Moiraine’s. Especially excited for the cats.
Rafe Judkins: I personally love details like this and think they add so much


@jake_tha_steak: What is the character/scene which you’re most looking forward to penning?
Rafe Judkins: That’s a good/hard question. I think when we go to the Waste and spend time with the Aiel, I just see that so clearly in my head and can’t WAIT to see a whole bunch of warrior gingers 🙂


@powerful_muskox: Do you have any dream casting choices you’re willing to share, even if it’s actors you know won’t be able to be in the show? Or can you share people who you’ve always pictured for certain characters as you read the books?
Rafe Judkins: I can’t! Don’t want to make any future people feel like second choice 🙂


@ARNewland: Will efforts be made to cast Rand TALL and ginger?
Rafe Judkins: Efforts will be made


@TimothyMosco: As an actor, I have to ask this: do you have any idea of when casting for the show would happen, either by date or by the nebulous idea of “whenever this is done”? I really want to be part of this show. Anyway this goes, good luck to you!
Rafe Judkins: I’ll give you a “whenever this is done” ha


@themythmaster: If you could have any of the talents In the books what would you have
Rafe Judkins: Foretelling! My life would be so much less stressful


@Devolark: what would be your dream casting for Rand, Perrin, and Mat? What about the Supergirls? We need an actor who can portray Rand’s inner turmoil as the seasons progress.
Rafe Judkins: Same as previous answers!


@FMetokur: If I were to say that the Two Rivers is to Andor as Wales is to England, would you agree? (Hoping that you’ll give a good nod to the Arthurian influence in that regard, maybe take some notes from #Excalibur for the filming location)
Rafe Judkins: I would like the show to feel very different than other fantasy things we’ve seen before


Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

@JamieRowson: Hi Rafe, in regards to special effects, what are you envisioning for weaving the one power on screen.
Rafe Judkins: Again, director dependent but I think it’ll be great. I loved how it looked in Doc Strange.


@sgreensparrow: how do you plan to handle all the dream sequences? (I hope you are not planning to cut most of them)
Rafe Judkins: No! I love tel’aran’rhiod and want it to be on the show in a big way


@OakleySedai: Are there any characters that will be left out, or any two characters combined into a single character? #WoTWednesday
Rafe Judkins: I will try to avoid this if I can. I think the bigness of the world adds so much.


@_PrinceofRavens: When will the casting begin? When will the production start? What is the planned release date? I know you might not be at liberty to answer, but I don’t want the exact dates or months, I’d like just an estimated rough timeline.
Rafe Judkins: 🤐


@Raj66721390: Many female villains getting raped or ending up in permanent bondage while males justdie, rigid Mars-Venus gender division etc- troubling aspects of books. Plans to update/improve these? WoT’s gr8 to discuss gender but it isn’t without problems.
Rafe Judkins: I’m a feminist and it’s very important to me that the show is feminist in today’s context. So a lot of those things will be changing


@lamguin: Can you please hire Patrick Huyler and Seth Jacobson from the #wotspoilers podcast as expert consultants? Barring that, would you please be a guest on their podcast?
Rafe Judkins: Already got one!


@JTHolderman: Will “Season One” cover book one only?
Rafe Judkins: WaFO!


@tylinstoy: who has been the hardest character for you to write for so far? And after Elayne, why is Mat is awesome?
Rafe Judkins: The hardest so far is Nynaeve.


@PacoE_G: Given free rein, how many seasons would you make in order to tell the story properly?
Rafe Judkins: 36. But that seems untenable.


@QuintelaStphan1: hi Rafe! In approximatively how many year/month could we watch s01e01 on tv (according to your experience)?
Rafe Judkins: I’ll let you know when I know!


@randalthor88: did you ever tweet that much within 2 hours? 😂
Rafe Judkins: I think I have doubled my tweets of ALL HISTORY today ha


@DanNoBaka: Ok what do you think about Saldaean farmgirls?
Rafe Judkins: I think they most embody my spirit


@Blenderz: Which storyline is the most difficult to bring to the screen?
Rafe Judkins: Tel’aran’rhiod is an exciting but difficult challenge


Min’s Viewings from The Eye of the World Graphic Novel, illustrated by Chase Conley. Rafe says that he is working through how to depict the viewings on screen.

@downtown_dowlin: how do y’all plan on showing Min’s viewings? Will we be able to see the aura’s as if through her eyes, or will it be more along the lines of her stating what she sees and we take her at her word?
Rafe Judkins: Hey! I’ll answer only because this is till a WaFO. Good question though and something I’m thinking about 🙂


@Mincangetit: How many different pairs of pants will Min wear on the show throughout the entire run of the series?
Rafe Judkins: 2


@Ireland917: I’m the Director of The Source, JordanCon’s newsletter. Would you be willing to do a short interview sometime? (I’m also super excited you said to pencil you in!!)
Rafe Judkins: This’ll be at studio network discretion but I’m always willing!


@damrias_jariac: Will there be braid tugging and dress smoothing?
Rafe Judkins: Less than the books


@theWLChase: Hello Rafe, Do you anticipate Season 1 taking up eye of the world and season 2 being The Great Hunt?
Rafe Judkins: Yes and no


@VictoroftheWay: Who are your favorite and least favorite characters from the series?
Rafe Judkins: Faile. But I promise she’ll be awesome on the show


@DavidPrice37: Anything we can do to help Amazons decision on whether to green light the show.
Rafe Judkins: Tell them how much you love it ALL DAY EVERY DAY 🙂


@jamminfez: Hi Rafe! Thanks for doing this! My question is: Are there any characters who you are writing with an actor in mind? Favourites? Dream Casting? Answer if you can! Otherwise keep up the good work!
Rafe Judkins: I try not to write with cast in mind!


Dumai’s Wells by Gregory Manchess, which Rafe says he is very excited to adapt for the screen.

@dwest3fold: What scene/chapter are you most looking forward to bringing to the screen and why?
Rafe Judkins: I can’t wait to write Dumai’s Wells


@dominikwoj1: Do you (and your team) have freedom to make significant changes to the story or do you have to keep by the books?
Rafe Judkins: We have freedom to do what we want, but what I want is to stay true to the books


@KolanWright: how do you pull the historical lore of #WheelOfTime Into such a visual story?
Rafe Judkins: Lots of storytellers and cool visuals in the lore


@MFaulkner_: I’m curious about the timeline of pre-production… Should everything go to plan with the writing of the first season – do you have a rough estimate of when we might see casting begin to take place? (I’m an actor and this my favourite series!)
Rafe Judkins: 🤐


@Caz_Willows: do you have an image in your head for how many of the main cast look?
Rafe Judkins: I try not to


@highmonk12: you’ll answer one question about the show? My favorite character is Mat, how do you tend to show his flash backs. I. E. TFoH he goes to Rands tent to tell him he’s leaving. While studying the map he see’s images of past battles. He discovers the best plan for attack
Rafe Judkins: I think that flashbacks are a great way to learn more about a character


@michandersontv: How will you show channeling/embracing the source
Rafe Judkins: That’ll be director dependent but hopefully using imagery as described in the books, weaving, etc


@MJ5223: Good morning and thank you. Who is your favorite female character in #WoT, and please explain why. With a cast of so many tremendous and powerful female characters, why does she especially resonate, or connect with you?
Rafe Judkins: I think Moiraine redefined the “guide” character in fantasy and will probably forever go down as one of the most important characters in the genre, regardless of gender


@brothertaddeus: before and after each book, there are snippets of prophecy or song or poetry or the like. would those be integrated into the show in some way, or left out?
Rafe Judkins: Some will be integrated!


@jffdougan: Do you have access to RJ’s/BS’s notes, or are you working mainly from the published novels/short stories?
Rafe Judkins: I’m using everything I have access to!


@Eirin_9: Are there any thoughts or plans around how long the episodes are going to be? Or is it too far away for those kind of decisions?
Rafe Judkins: Hour!


@Obsqur: @rafejudkins which plot lines are you most looking forward to developing? P.S. thanks for doing this #appreciativefan 👍👍
Rafe Judkins: I love seeing more of the inner workings of the AES Sedai and awardees


@TheSHilton: Hi Rafe, which part of transferring the #WheelofTime world to screen has lost you most sleep? Conversely, what are you dying for people to see? Good luck!
Rafe Judkins: Getting the heart of the books across while telling a story that works in the medium of tv. That’s always my biggest concern


@Thats_Obsqur: @rafejudkins when you come & do a guest spot on the @wotspoilers podcast which chapters would you like to unpack? (the boys have a few more chapters left to go on tDR, so you can pick any book after that😉)
Rafe Judkins: I’ll hold out until A Memory of Light 😉
@CalRicWal: Hi Rafe! Are you planning on having any input from Harriet McDougal or even Brandon Sanderson on the series?
Rafe Judkins: Yes of course!


@RajivMote: Are there any characters you wanted to keep, but had to drop for flow, even if it means pruning future plotlines? Have you conflated any characters for efficiency?
Rafe Judkins: WaFO!


@EarlofMangwich: there were modern references in Age of Legends and before (globulbs, jo-car, Materese, Lenn, Mosk/Merk, etc.). Will these be only subtle allusion, or will past ages (our age and your vision of our future) be more overtly referenced and used on screen?
Rafe Judkins: I’ll try to keep it subtle


@MathewGledhill: with as many characters and locations and the nature of the magic system how hard do you foresee it being to balance keeping a visually interesting show and one that keeps a reasonable budget?
Rafe Judkins: I think focusing on character is the way to make any budget work. Then doing the battles and magic when we have the budget to make it look amazing


@redrocker05: what is something you have been told as the screenwriter that you think the fandom may not know?
Rafe Judkins: I think the fandom knows more than even Robert Jordan knew ha 🙂


@TravisGSmith333: Which Characters do you most look forward to bringing to the Screen. I don’t mean Casting. Just which characters from the series you are most excited to Translate to film.
Rafe Judkins: So many! Moiraine mostly though for what I think she can mean to young women


@KitaraKara: are egwenes dreamers dreams going to be shown or just talked about?
Rafe Judkins: Shown hopefully


@13thShard: Are you gonna have some help from Sanderson or Robert Jordan’s wife?
Rafe Judkins: Of course! As much as they’re willing to give


@Emily30Red: Wait, WHAT!!! WOT filming? Filming what?
Will you fix the ending please!!!
Rafe Judkins: 🤐


@fikkie77: How will channelling be visualized? Colourful lines? Verbal description? WAFO?
Rafe Judkins: WaFO! 😉


@Apocahacks: Doesn’t @malkiersking look like Lan?
Rafe Judkins: Yes


@brianwhisenant: Thank you so much for doing this!! Any chance you will be able to incorporate more LGBTQ characters than in the books?
Rafe Judkins: Yes!


@jenniferskelly: Are you fully staffed? And would you consider bringing a well-established animation/hybrid writer in for one or more episodes who has a minor MLP twitter following and has been re-reading this series since the early 90s? Asking for a friend (not really)
Rafe Judkins: Have your agent submit you! 🙂


@ReneMontague: When it comes to casting has a cd become attached yet and are you all going to be pushing for fresh faces or actors of more recognition❓
Rafe Judkins: No CD yet!


@tajonamir: Without giving away too much, which scenes are you most excited to write/see come to life from any of the books? Also when is casting/when should we get our earliest casting news?
Rafe Judkins: Can’t wait to write Rand trapped in the box!!


@sheenagwyn32: Do you plan on keeping Moiraine in the script after she vanishes with Lanfear or will we possibly get to see her occasionally before her rescue?
Rafe Judkins: WaFO! 🙂


@Whodat1001: How do you envision the voices/memories in Matt’s and Rand’s head playing out onscreen?
Rafe Judkins: This’ll be very director-dependent, but I think there’s a few different ways it could be handled that would all be interesting


@rafejudkins: Ahhhh I’m dead. Exhausted and broken. But I think I answered them all! If I missed yours, reply to it with #rafeyoumissedthis and I’ll look at it later today. Thanks for the amazing questions! Wish I could’ve given real answers for more, but then you’d know too much 🙂



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WoT Wednesday #0.5: A Question for Fans



This week for a pre-WoT Wednesday, Rafe asked what fans might want to see. We’re not quite sure if this meant what we’d like to see from him about the series, or what we’re most excited to see depicted on screen, but here are some of my favorite responses:




Narg Trolloc made a poll not 20 minutes before Rafe posted this, asking what people want to see.





A lot of other people wanted to know about casting and how they could possibly be involved with the show.





Several people were wondering what possible cuts there might be in the series.




One thing that people really wanted to know about was how channeling was going to be depicted on screen.





And some people just wanted to know a few particulars about how the series was going to be adapted.



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WoT Monday #2: Season 1, Episode 2 Title and Writer!



It seems like Wheel of Time Monday was very short lived – we’ll miss you! You were a nice way to start out the week. However, we got a lot out of this latest reveal by Rafe on Twitter. In the above image, you can read the following:






written by

Amanda Kate Shuman

Based on Robert Jordan’s series The Wheel of Time


First off, we have another writer for the series! Amanda Kate Shuman has worked on Chuck (which Rafe also worked on), as well as The Following, The Blacklist, and Berlin Station. Of those, The Blacklist is definitely the biggest hit. For that show served as story editor for 7 episodes, executive story editor for 22 episodes, and a writer for 4 episodes (with some overlap). The show itself is rated an 8.1/10 on IMDb, and all of the episodes that she was involved in have an average rating of 8.3/10, which is pretty fantastic for IMDb. For the episodes where she served as a writer, the average rating was 8.1/10, so still very solid. Now, this isn’t to say that IMDb is the go-to resource for how talented a writer is, but it is one of the only things we have out there, so it’s what we use.

Now, onward to speculation on the plot of the episode!

In last week’s Wheel of Time Monday post, we saw that the title of the episode was “Leavetaking”, and our analysis of what that might mean can be found here. We surmised that it would take our characters through Winternight, with the episode ending with them riding off with a draghkar behind them. The title of this episode is “Shadow’s Waiting”, which coincides with the title of Chapter 19 of The Eye of the World. In the books, this chapter has the company making their way into Shadar Logoth. If we’re to assume that the writers stick close-ish to the books, then that means that Baerlon is going to be skipped, because there’s no way to insert all of Baerlon into the episode and still have them make their way to Shadar Logoth.

To be honest? I’m kind of okay with that. If we think about it, here are the main plot points of what happens in Baerlon:

  • Min Is Introduced: This can also be done in Caemlyn. In fact, it makes more sense for this to happen in Caemlyn, because it seems a lot more reasonable that she would be hanging out in a town with a bunch of stuff going on rather than some small village.
  • Nynaeve Catches Up with the Party: There are a couple of alternatives to this one: Nynaeve can meet up with them along the road between Emond’s Field and Shadar Logoth, or she can meet up with Lan and Moiraine after everyone gets separated after Shadar Logoth. The former would stick a bit more closely to the books, but the latter would have more of a shock value. Either way, Lan and Nynaeve will be able to have their, “omg you tracked me? I’m so careless.” “No, silly man, I’m just a good tracker.” “Oh wow I’m so in love with you right now woman but I refuse to show it because DUTY.” (Yes, that’s exactly what happened, do not try to convince me otherwise.)
  • Hints of Padan Fain as a Baddie: This is also something that could be moved to Caemlyn, or it could be removed entirely. If it’s removed entirely, that creates a bit more of a shock when he shows up in Fal Dara.
  • The Children of the Light are Introduced: This is the big one. I think having the Children of the Light in Baerlon actually plays a big part in the story. They definitely play an important part in the series, and them showing up here means that we know what it means when Perrin and Egwene are captured by them later on in the book. If they’re not introduced here, there’s not really a place for them to be introduced before Perrin and Egwene get captured. This’ll be a little bit tricky!


Shadar Logoth by Bo Zonneveld

Other than the Children of the Light, everything else can be moved around pretty easily, so I’m not super mad about them skipping Baerlon.



So, now that we’ve established that we’re (probably) skipping Baerlon, this episode will most likely start with them fleeing from the draghkar, which is where we presumed the last episode would leave off. They would eventually lose the draghkar, and I really, realy hope that we see Moiraine sinking the ferry, because that shows you very early on that she only cares about keeping the boys safe, and will do anything to accomplish that. From there, we can assume that they still get pursued by trollocs after a short rest (where Nynaeve may show up), and then they flee into Shadar Logoth. For story purposes, all of this would probably have to happen in the first 20 minutes or so of the episode, because the main body should happen in Shadar Logoth.


Once they arrive in Shadar Logoth, they’ll have to make camp, and then the boys will go off and be idiots, because that’s what they do in Shadar Logoth. Mat still thinks he’s impervious to harm, so he’ll lead Rand and Perrin off, meet Mordeth, get lured into the creepy treasure dungeon, steal a dagger, get run out of the creepy treasure dungeon, and then make it back to camp. We hear a trolloc horn, everyone packs up and attempts to flee, and then boom, Mashadar. Our heroic party is disbanded, and the episode leave us wondering how our heroes are going to survive on their own.


Overall, it makes for a pretty great second episode!


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Best Scenes of The Wheel of Time, Part 9: Nynaeve Can Channel?

This article contains spoilers through The Great Hunt.

All quotes, unless otherwise noted, are taken from The Eye of the World, Chapter 21, “Listen to the Wind”.




When our initial band of heroes left the Two Rivers, they left in the middle of the night, without much in the way of explanation as to where they were going. The party consisted of Moiraine and Lan, Thom, Egwene, Rand, Mat, and Perrin. They rested briefly in Baerlon where Nynaeve caught up to them.

Nynaeve al’Meara by Tawny Fritz

Nynaeve sipped the wine before answering the Aes Sedai. “There was nowhere for you to go except Baerlon. To be safe, though, I followed your trail. You certainly cut back and forth enough. But then, I suppose you would not care to risk meeting decent people.”

“You . . . followed our trail?” Lan said, truly surprised for the first time that Rand could remember. “I must be getting careless.”

“You left very little trace, but I can track as well as any man in the Two Rivers, except perhaps Tam al’Thor.” She hesitated, then added, “Until my father died, he took me hunting with him, and taught me what he would have taught the sons he never had. She looked at Lan challengingly, but he only nodded with approval.

“If you can follow a trail I have tried to hide, he taught you well. Few can do that, even in the Borderlands.”

The Eye of the World, Chapter 16, The Wisdom )


She came to persuade them to return to Emond’s Field with her, but when that failed, and Shadowspawn discovered them, she decided to accompany them so she could see them all safely home at the end of it all. And to try and convince them to return sooner.

Continuing on their way, they were pursued by Shadowspawn until they took refuge in Shadar Logoth. The Shadowspawn followed them in and they fled the city, with Mashadar splitting up their party.


The Scene

Nynaeve ended up on her own in the chaos of leaving Shadar Logoth. In the morning, she began searching the area for tracks and eventually found some. The tracks were muddled enough that she couldn’t tell if they were left by friends or foes, so she followed them very cautiously, concealing her own tracks in the process.

She smelled a fire in the distance and hid her horse, then followed the scent until she came upon Moiraine and Lan. The Warder was just returning after a scouting mission and Nynaeve was able to listen in on their unguarded discussion without being noticed.


Lan stopped his pacing, “You think the Halfmen heading south have them?”

“Perhaps,” Moiraine poured herself a cup of tea before going on. “But I will not admit the possibility of them being dead. I cannot. I dare not. You know how much is at stake. I must have those young men.”


At this point in time, Nynaeve did not trust Moiraine at all, and Moiraine had been pretty careful to always link her interest in the boys with getting them safely away from the Shadowspawn hunting them. With that statement, though, her specific interest in the boys for who they were became apparent, and I doubt very much that Nynaeve missed that distinction.


“That Shayol Ghul will hunt them, I expect. Opposition from within the White Tower, even from the Amyrlin Seat, I accept. There are always Aes Sedai who will accept only one solution. But. . . .” Suddenly she put her cup down and sat up straight, grimacing. “If you watch the wolf too hard,” she muttered, “a mouse will bite you on the ankle.” And she looked right at the tree behind which Nynaeve was hiding. “Mistress al’Meara, you may come out now, if you wish.”

Nynaeve scrambled to her feet, hastily dusting dead leaves from her dress. Lan had spun to face the tree as soon as Moiraine’s eyes moved; his sword was in his hand before she finished speaking Nynaeve’s name. Now he sheathed it again with more force than was strictly necessary. His face was almost as expressionless as ever, but Nynaeve thought there was a touch of chagrin about the set of his mouth. She felt a stab of satisfaction; the Warder had not known she was there, at least.


Yes, Nynaeve, stumping the Warder was definitely the important thing to be thinking just then. </sarcasm>

With her usual graciousness, Nynaeve reunited with Moiraine and Lan with comments, such as:


“What have you meshed Egwene and the boys in? What filthy Aes Sedai plots are you planning to use them in?”




“No, I don’t want any tea. I would not drink your tea if I was dying of thirst. You won’t use any Emond’s Field folk in your dirty Aes Sedai schemes.”


The conversation between Nynaeve and Moiraine in this scene was possibly the most difficult conversation for Nynaeve in the entire series. It was here that she was confronted with the reality of herself, and she had very little time to process it before she had to decide what to do with it.


“You have very little room to talk, Wisdom.” Moiraine showed more interest in her hot tea than in anything she was saying. “You can wield the One Power yourself, after a fashion.”

Nynaeve pushed at Lan’s arm again; it still did not move, and she decided to ignore it. “Why don’t you try claiming I am a Trolloc?”

Moiraine’s smile was so knowing that Nynaeve wanted to hit her. “Do you think I can stand face-to-face with a woman who can touch the Truce Source and channel the One Power, even only now and then, without knowing what she is? Just as you sensed the potential in Egwene. How do you think I knew you were behind that tree? If I had not been distracted, I would have known the moment you came close. You certainly are not a Trolloc, for me to feel the evil of the Dark One. So what did I sense, Nynaeve al’Meara, Wisdom of Emond’s Field and unknowing wielder of the One Power?”

Lan was looking down at Nynaeve in a way she did not like; surprised and speculative, it seemed to her, though nothing had changed about his face but his eyes. Egwene was special; she had always known that. Egwene would make a fine Wisdom. They’re working together, she thought, trying to put me off balance. “I won’t listen to any more of this. You—”

Moiraine Damodred by Terese Nielsen

“You must listen,” Moiraine said firmly. “I had my suspicions in Emond’s Field even before I met you. People told me how upset the Wisdom was that she had not predicted the hard winter and the lateness of spring. They told me how good she was at foretelling weather, at telling the crops. They told me how wonderful her cures were, how she sometimes healed injuries, that should have been crippling, so well there was barely a scar, and not a limp or a twinge. The only ill word I heard about you was from a few who thought you too young for the responsibility, and that only strengthened my suspicions. So mush skill so young.”

“Mistress Barran taught me well.” She tried looking at Lan, but his eyes still made her uncomfortable, so she settled for staring over the Aes Sedai’s head at the river. How dare the village gossip in front of an outlander! “Who said I was too young? she demanded.

Moiraine smiled, refusing to be diverted. “Unlike most women who claim to listen to the wind, you actually can, sometimes. Oh, it has nothing to do with the wind, of course. It is of Air and Water. It is not something you needed to be taught; it was born into you, just as it was born into Egwene. But you have learned to handle it, which she still has to learn. Two minutes after I came face-to-face with you, I knew. Do you remember how I suddenly asked you if you were the Wisdom? Why, do you think? There was nothing to distinguish you from any other pretty young woman getting ready for Festival. Even looking for a young Wisdom I expected someone half again your age.”

Nynaeve remembered that meeting all too well; this woman, more self-possessed than anyone in the Women’s Circle, in a dress more beautiful than any she had ever seen, addressing her as a child. Then Moiraine had suddenly blinked as if surprised and out of a clear sky asked….

She liked lips abruptly gone dry. They were both looking at her, the Warder’s face as unreadable as stone, the Aes Sedai’s sympathetic yet intent. Nynaeve shook her head. “No! No, it’s impossible. I would know. You are just trying to trick me, and it will not work.”

“Of course you do not know,” Moiraine said soothingly. “Why you should even suspect? All of your life you have heard about listening to the wind. In any case, you would as soon announce to all of Emond’s Field that you were a Darkfriend as admit to yourself, even in the deepest recesses of your mind, that you have anything to do with the One Power, or the dreaded Aes Sedai.” Amusement flitted across Moiraine’s face. “But I can tell you how it started.”

“I don’t want to hear any more of your lies,” she said, but the Aes Sedai went right on.

“Perhaps as much as eight or ten years ago—the age varies, but always comes young—there was something you wanted more than anything else in the world, something you needed. And you got it. A branch suddenly falling where you could pull yourself out of a pond instead of drowning. A friend, or a pet, getting well when everyone thought they would die.

“You felt nothing special at the time, but a week or ten days later you had your first reaction to touching the True Source. Perhaps fever or chills that came on suddenly and put you to bed, then disappeared after only a few hours. None of the reactions, and they vary, last more than a few hours. Headaches and numbness and exhilaration all mixed together, and you taking foolish chances or acting giddy. A spell of dizziness, when you tripped and stumbled whenever you tried to move, when you could not say a sentence without your tongue mangling half the words. There are others. Do you remember?

Nynaeve sat down hard on the ground; her legs would not hold her up. She remembered, but she shook her head anyway. It had to be a coincidence. Or else Moiraine had asked more questions in Emond’s Field than she had thought. The Aes Sedai had asked a great many questions. It had to be that. Lan offered a hand, but she did not even see it.

“I will go further,” Moiraine said when Nynaeve kept silent. “You used the Power to Heal either Perrin or Egwene at some time. An affinity develops. You can sense the presence of someone you have Healed. In Baerlon you came straight to the Stag and Lion, though it was not the nearest inn to any gate by which you could have entered. Of all the people in Emond’s Field, only Perrin and Egwene were at the inn when you arrived. Was it Perrin, or Egwene? Or both?”

“Egwene,” Nynaeve mumbled. She had always taken it for granted that she could sometimes tell who was approaching her even when she could not see them; not until now had she realized that it was always someone on whom her cures had worked almost miraculously well. And she had always known when the medicine would work beyond expectations, always felt the certainty when she said the crops would be especially good, or that the rains would come early or late. That was the way she thought it was supposed to be. Not all Wisdoms could listen to the wind, but the best could. That was what Mistress Barran always said, just as she said Nynaeve would be one of the best.

“She had breakbone fever.” She kept her head down and spoke to the ground. “I was still apprentice to Mistress Barran, and she set me to watch Egwene. I was young, and I didn’t know that the Wisdom had everything well in hand. It’s terrible to watch, breakbone fever. The child is soaked with sweat, groaning and twisting until I could not understand why I didn’t hear her bones snapping. Mistress Barran had told me the fever would break in another day, two at the most, but I thought she was doing me a kindness. I thought Egwene was dying. I used to look after her sometimes when she was a toddler—when her mother was busy—and I started crying because I was going to have to watch her die. When Mistress Barran came back an hour later, the fever had broken. She was surprised, but she made over me more than Egwene. I always thought she believed I had given the child something and was too frightened to admit it. I always thought she was trying to comfort me, to make sure I knew I hadn’t hurt Egwene. A week later I fell on the floor in her sitting room, shaking and burning up by turns. She bundled me into bed, but by suppertime it was gone.”


They discussed Nynaeve’s experience further, then Moiraine shared that most women who encounter the Power on their own without being taught do not survive it, and that Egwene would most likely not survive it should she return to Emond’s Field with Nynaeve. As stubborn as Nynaeve is, she couldn’t justify exposing Egwene to that risk so she finally gave up that point. After that, Moiraine was fully in her element and managed to get Nynaeve to go along with them using a bit of reverse psychology.

The scene came to a close with Nynaeve facing one finally difficult truth. They had no idea where Egwene was, and the Shadowspawn were hunting the boys. They were going to leave Egwene alone and follow the trail Moiraine had for one of the boys. Egwene was young, inexperienced, and a woman, and they had no idea where she was. Searching for her would take a long time, and it would leave the one they were able to track similarly undefended.


Why I Love It

This scene was a great one for foreshadowing. We saw the beginning of Nynaeve’s future relationships with Moiraine and, more importantly, with Lan. We saw how the resentment was formed – by Moiraine being the one to hold the mirror on some truths about herself which Nynaeve was not interested in seeing, and by Moiraine mercilessly driving home the fact that, as Wisdom, Nynaeve was helpless to protect the boys and Egwene from the dangers before them. Helpless was not a state that worked for Nynaeve, and in this scene she had to make some pretty big decisions about herself, her life, and where her duty would take her. It also laid the groundwork for the connection she forms with Lan, which, at least in my opinion, is possibly the most natural relationship in the series.

I love how this scene showcased Nynaeve’s stubbornness without making her seem ridiculous. She was determined aned sure of herself, but she did eventually give the necessary ground once she was certain it was the only way. Once there was no way to deny it, she confirmed Moiraine’s assertions, and accepted the conclusions, but that didn’t mean she was a member of the Moiraine Fan Club™!

I also love how much we get to know about Nynaeve’s backstory, as well as her outlook on life. We also had the pleasure of seeing Moiraine in all her unflappable Blue glory, pursuing her cause, bringing the necessary elements in line, and handling every question thrown at her as if it were scripted. We even got to see Lan in a new light. To this point, he had generally been fairly abrupt, direct, and unyielding. In this scene, though, he showed surprise, courtesy, and a hint of compassion.

All in all, this scene was a great one, which taught us a lot about our characters’ histories, their personalities, the magic system, and a very natural progression towards the end goal of the entire story.



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