Tattered Threads – Meowillin Gemalphin

This post contains spoilers for The Great Hunt and onward.

It’s hard for me to relate to any of the Aes Sedai in the Black Ajah. (That one stint I held in it during the latest Fundraiser notwithstanding.) And the Inverse Ajah doesn’t count!


So, like I was saying. It’s hard for me to relate to these ladies, but Marillin’s love of the kitties…I get it. My two have been wonderful companions. They bring a smile to my face, they’re great conversation, and they’ve been there for me during the stressful times.

Though, I do get why maybe having so many of them around might be…conspicuous.

Cherish your time with any kitties or pet companions your hold dear. And don’t let Liandrin tell you how many you can keep!

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2021 Site Fundraiser Kick-Off

Welcome to the 2021 Site Fundraiser: TarValon.Net Takes on the Black Ajah. This fundraiser will run from August 20 – September 17, 2021.
Our annual site fundraisers exist to keep TarValon.Net running. The funds raised are used to pay for things that keep our site active and engaging: server and domain expenses; ad-free forum hosting; advertising at JordanCon and through social media; and more. It is also used to fund the Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship. As a 501(c)7, TarValon.Net is completely self-funded — all contributions are greatly appreciated!
For more details, please see this Site Announcement from Erin al’Denael, Director of Community Outreach. This post includes all of the options for making financial gifts to the fundraiser.
The Department of Community Outreach has also prepared a series of events and prizes (donated) for the fundraising period. These will be revealed in stages based on donations received. The first event is the Hunt for the Black Ajah…
As decades have passed, the Black Ajah has steadily infiltrated the Tower. They have subverted valuable members of our community — or joined already devoted to the Shadow. It is our mission, members of TarValon.Net, to seek and find the insidious and elusive members of the Black Ajah.
You can join the Hunt in our General forum thread here.

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Diary of an Aes Sedai – Part Five

Diary of an Aes Sedai Part 5


This post contains spoilers for The Wheel of Time Series

20 Shaldine 999 NE


That idiot has been bouncing around all over the place. Just thinking about all of that traveling is exhausting. I think the Last Battle is close. I hope I won’t have to fight. I was promised power, but no one told me it was going to take so much work.

1 Nesan 999 NE


I’ve received a message to stay away from the Tower. Apparently, something big has happened and the Black Ajah have all fled the Tower. We have no eyes and ears inside the Tower anymore. I don’t even know what happened with my Heart. All I know is that I’m to stay away from the Tower, keep a low profile, and show up when the Last Battle comes. Works for me. I think I’ll go wait in the Sun Palace. I “know” the Dragon, after all.

2 Amadine 1000 NE


I’ve received my orders to go to the Last Battle. They told us to go north and we would “just know” where to go. Whatever. I’ve met up with a few Aes Sedai who gave the hand signal, so I guess we’re going for the same reasons. They keep going on and on about how we’re going to win the battle. I’m not quite as confident as they are, but that’s mostly because I just heard the Tower was attacked the rumor is that the defense of the Tower was led by a Novice and they made her the Amyrlin! Someone must be dreaming. There’s no way they would make a Novice the Amyrlin Seat.

2 Danu 1000 NE


We’ve made it. We’ve been given our positions and some disgusting Trollocs we’re supposed to lead or something. I guess I have no choice but to fight but with all of these gross creatures and all of the channelers on our side, what could possibly go wrong?


This journal was found among the belongings of enemy Aes Sedai after the Last Battle ended. While we cannot know for sure exactly who the journal belongs to, we do think it would be a good idea to preserve it in the library. Maybe someone will read it as a cautionary tale someday. It is a new Age, after all. – Alenya Al’Roran, Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah

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Diary of an Aes Sedai – Part Four

Diary of an Aes Sedai Part 4


This post contains spoilers for The Wheel of Time Series

2 Aine 975 NE


I’ve been given my first assignment as a Black.  I am to go out into the world and look for the Dragon Reborn.  I’m not really sure why, since the Amyrlin just assigned all of the Accepted to go look for babies or something, but if it gets me out of the Tower, I’m all for it.  I’m tired of being here and doing tasks set by some of the Blue sisters.  Like I really care about secret weaves or whatever.  Besides, Moiraine and Suian are probably going to choose Blue, so they’ll have new sisters to torture soon enough.  I’m gone.

2 Aine 991 NE


It’s been years since they sent me to look for the young Dragon.  I haven’t seen even a hint, but I haven’t really been trying all that hard, either.  I send a report to the Black to make its way to the Supreme Council every few months to tell them I don’t know a thing, and they send me money for my search.  It’s been nice traveling around and staying in nice inns with good food.  I don’t even care about finding the Dragon.  He’s supposed to reveal himself, right?

2 Jumara 999 NE


I was right, of course.  The Dragon did reveal himself.  He took the Stone of Tear.  Impressive, since no one has ever done it before.  I hear he’s gone into the Aiel Waste, which seems like a waste of time because it’s so hot and dusty there.  I’m certainly not going.  I think I’ll go to Cairhien and see if I can help stir up some trouble.

20 Tammaz 999 NE


Well, that was a bit of a bust.  That stupid boy, because that’s all he is, came and fought a big battle outside the walls of Cairhien and I had to stay inside with all those peasants that live outside the walls.  I’ve been told to keep an eye on him and report his movements.  If he’s going to move into the palace, I’ll follow that shepherd anywhere.

5 Choren 999 NE


I was able to attach myself to the Dragon somehow.  I’ve been trying not to draw attention to myself, but people don’t really notice other people around him and, if I keep my face hidden, no one bothers me.  I’m sure I’ll have to go with him when he eventually leaves, but I figure if I can keep getting away with the bare minimum of work, I’ll be fine.

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Diary of an Aes Sedai – Part Three

Diary of an Aes Sedai Part 3


This post contains spoilers for The Wheel of Time Series

2 Saven 891 NE


They summoned me for my test. The hundred weaves are a useless joke and they didn’t do a very good job of distracting me and I passed. It was easy. Now, I have to spend the night in quiet contemplation or whatever, but I know what I want. I decided to go with Blue. I don’t want to have to go chase men when I’m told to plus, I might want a Warder someday, so I’ll just get a good night’s sleep instead of contemplating.

3 Saven 891 NE


It’s done. I chose the Blue and have my new shawl. They gave me a new room in the Blue quarters, and left me a few blue dresses to wear. At least they’re not white. I had a meeting with the First Selector so she could tell me about how things work in the Tower and then someone grabbed me to help with some silly project. I wasn’t really paying attention. There were also a couple of people giving me weird looks. I’m not sure what that’s about, but I mean to find out.

21 Choren 891 NE


I found a note on my pillow after breakfast this morning. It was most odd, but I decided to see what it was all about. I found some Aes Sedai meeting in some storage room or something. They told me they could help me and I could become more powerful and live a life of power and luxury. Finally. This is what I had been waiting for. All I have to do for them is swear to serve the Dark One and follow directions when they’re given to me. I can handle that, so I said yes. They told me I would have to stand before the Supreme Council to swear my new oath and be freed from the old one. Sounds good to me. These new oaths make my skin feel tight.

15 Shaldine 891 NE


It’s done. I am now a member of the Black Ajah. I have been placed in a Heart. Berylla is one and a fellow Blue. The third in our Heart is Amico, a Yellow. We also all get to know the name of one sister outside out Heart, and mine is Duhara, a Red. Life in the Tower just got much more interesting.

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